They are all horrible

Yes, Trump, Clinton, Sanders….

All horrible….

I mean there is a small part of me (the part that wants to watch the world burn) that would vote for Trump and just laugh…

I just spent about twenty minutes on this horrid site called twitter and I realize that those who are interested in politics are willing to lie to “support their argument.”

The “liberals” will say anything to excuse Hillary’s emails….

The Don could be absolutely wrong and his apostles, err supporters will just double down….

And then Sanders rabid puppies… Well, if I dare say that English should be the official language in this here Murka… That would make me an evillle waycist (irony being that I have darker skin than many of those mofos.)  And they’d excuse whatever “violence” because a member of the “oppressor class” only gets what he “deserves.”

am I surprised by this shitstorm….

Nope, looks like Feminists, M(H)RA’s and Alter-Righties just went mainstream…

I hate the Federal Government, NSA suck on that…



“opting out”

I stumbled onto this while going through Youtube vids (a bad habit, I spend probably more time on that site than a porn fiend spends looking for a “fix.”)

As a guy who is intermittently employed and dreams of a permanent vacation from the workforce, I just thought of how many guys stayed in horrid jobs because of fatherhood…

MGTOW seems to have lost it’s way….

…or I never understood it properly to begin with…

My original understanding was that MGTOW would be a workaround for a (low status het cis*)  bachelor man to avoid the landmines he was pressured into stepping on…

Namely to avoid marriage and serious relationships with women that have proven toxic for so many other men.  And if you haven’t seen older brothers, fathers or uncles destroyed by matrimony, you could always mosey on over to the cesspit known as AVfM to see extraordinarily bitter men complain about how painful it was to step onto a landmine.  It’s a very simple premise.  It doesn’t advocate for “changing the world.”  It doesn’t advocate for others to change their worldview.

However, what I have watched this morph into is something completely different.  Something with such a simple narrow focus doesn’t lead to enough content for someone trying to make a living off of Youtube.  They gotta start complaining about other things and then put it under a big umbrella label.  It doesn’t necessitate writing a book.  And it certainly doesn’t necessitate anyone “revealing their true identity” in some PUA styled dick measuring contest.  I’ve watched as “libertarians” invaded with “red-pilled” ideas that quite frankly only help someone who is earning 6 figures as a software engineer and who is upwardly mobile.  It leaves behind a never married, low income man.  It leaves the common man behind.  The “libertarians” have about as many answers as the Democrat and Republican party combined.  That’s NONE.  You can complain about Big Gubbymint all fucking day long, but short of collapse or HUGE political activism, it ain’t changing.  So you can polish your 357 waiting for collapse the same way a feminist and a tradcon say you polish your pecker looking at anime porn–or you could try to figure out the best workarounds in a society where wealth is trickling to the top, wages are stagnating and jobs WILL be automated.  I don’t see these discussions happening at sheddingoftheego.

I don’t presume that MGTOW’s should be worried about being compared to feminist’s.  I don’t presume that MGTOW’s should be worried about being called bitter, lonely, basement dwelling misogynists.  In fact I believe there is only one metric where their ideas should be measured.  The utility to low status bachelor men who are navigating treacherous territory.  Nothing else…

*to use the condescending language of liberals and feminists…

Avoid anyone into BD&SM

This will not be politically correct but I will share my observations….

BD&SM is a hideout for abusive people and sociopaths…  Whether they call themselves dominatricces, submissives, pain sluts, switches or whatnot.  Also, better off to not be friends with a guy who involves himself in this lifestyle even if he says he just does it just to meet “easy womyn.”  You have been given a red flag just as serious as seeing someone who abuses animals or scams people with bad business deals.  Likely the person engaging in BD&SM also does these things. Someone who hurts animals and pulls scams is likely to hide in the shadows.  But thanks to things like “50 Shades,” these sociopaths now feel safe to drop key warning signs.  You are actually being given a gift now that these people are moving in society less covertly.

You might be a shy, quiet guy who meets a very rare womyn who shows interest in you.  But she reveals she wants something strange, like being choked…  You might have serious issues about wanting to do this but she will push boundaries.  Ironically, she does this after she’s talked about “safe words” and “consent.”  She will insult your masculinity.  It’s better to walk away than to put yourself into a dangerous situation for some second rate pussy.  Never mind the legal consequences (if it gets to that, you’ll be fucked harder than someone tied up in a boyscout outfit by Jack Donovan and the scumbag thugs at the NPI afterparty.)  You’ll face psychological consequences for allowing yourself into being bullied to do things you didn’t want to do.

Now I realize I’ve written in a much more authoritarian tone than I usually do.  If you were to ask me about psychadelic drugs, I’d tell you to read about it and if you had the opportunity to try it in real life, to go for it if you felt the situation was safe and the opportunity for adventure was worth potential risks.  If you asked me about skydiving, I’d tell you something similar.  Now, this advice isn’t aimed at “libertarian MGTOW” or “Red Pillerz” if they even stop by my blog anymore.  They are too arrogant to listen to anyone, even with all the evidence in the universe.  This most certainly isn’t aimed at feminists or M(h)RA’s, many who practice this “lifestyle.”  And, you’ll notice they have abusive personalities.  They constantly seek out fights and portray themselves as “victims.”  It’s a polite warning for an “incel” or guy with poor social skills who might wander into an  extraordinarily dangerous situation.  When your gut is screaming “no” it’s not just social anxiety but a warning to leave.


RIP Prince

He shreds here:

I remember watching the video to “When Doves Cry.” I was a little kid then.  My parents used to slap each other around, mutually combative as those M(h)RA’s love to say.  In the video, Prince’s parents fight.  He gets to escape a crappy home life.  He rides off on his motorcycle with a pretty lady.  I didn’t get to escape a crappy homelife then.  I was a bit envious as I watched him.  I thought he was a badass.  RIP Prince.