two wrongs make an (alt) right


Wake up guys, this fucker is not pro low status men.  He uses his homosexuality the way a feminist woman uses being a girl.  He throws punches then cries “vyctym” when anyone else punches back-if that’s not “privilege” then I don’t know what is.  He wants men to get circumcised because he finds it “pretty” but he doesn’t give one flying fuck if an infant boy is mutilated.  Just remember, Judgy Bitch, Jack Donovan, Milo Y, Paul Elam–they don’t give a flying fuck about low status men, they just want to profit off of them.  Expose these fuckers for what they are.  Don’t let the “feminist critique” be the only critical statement against these scum who, quite frankly are just as anti-male as the feminist’s they claim to hate.

….how MGTOW is failing low status men….

Here’s an article on male suicide…

“Pressure to be the main breadwinner within a household is particularly pronounced amongst males. Just over two-fifths (42 per cent) feel this pressure compared to only 13 per cent of females with 81 per cent of males saying this pressure comes from `themselves`.”

“Males are significantly more likely to have lost their job previously (54 per cent compared to 35 per cent of females) and to have lost their job more than once (25 per cent compared to ten per cent of females).”

“Single men, those separated and divorced, are more likely to think they lack essential qualities and abilities suggesting their view may have been affected by their lone status or past experiences. Men aged 25-34 years are significantly more likely to feel they lack some of these qualities. Unsurprisingly there is an evident connection between a feeling of lacking qualities/abilities and depression, risk taking behaviour and frustration with life.”


Now the above article isn’t particularly great but it suggests something that I’ve suspected.  A suicidal man likely feels like a failure in his career or sexual relationships and doesn’t see things getting better…

Just imagine a man in immense pain.  He types a few words into google and then has the misfortune of clicking on AVfM.  Hopefully, something in his gut stirs him to look away and to go onto something else.  Hell, even a porn site is likely better for his psychological health, what’s left of it… But imagine if he logs in, gets a membership and tries telling his story.  He winds up disagreeing with one of the schoolmarm female moderators.  He gets shouted down and his masculinity ripped to shreds by none other than that bully Paul Elam.  Do you think that could convince him to pull the trigger?  Do you?

Now imagine a guy a few years younger.  A similar pain to the man above but a slightly different combination of words and it leads him to somewhere like shedding of the ego.  He may have just lost his job.  He’s getting unemployment, enough to cover rent but not much else.  Savings, what’s that?  So he’s thinking of applying for food stamps just to have enough to eat.  Do you think the “libertarian tough guys” would have any compassion for this man?  Do you think they might go onto some right wing rant that this guy is going to raise their taxes because of his “entitlement” to a free meal?  Do you think this man could get any worthwile support form “MGTOW”?  Do you think their rants about how great they are with their six, no seven figure jobs and anyone who isn’t is a scum leech might make him want to pull the trigger? Do you?



More and more it is looking like MGTOW is a label that attracts nutters who want to hammer low status men into the ground and spread conspiracy theory…

How do you identify these toxic individuals?

it’s quite easy…

  1. They refer to other men as “beta” and yammer on and on about a red pill/blue pill dicotomy.  Sounds like another nutter group that whines endlessly about hegemonic masculinity and patriarchy, shit, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were bad parody’s of each other.
  2. They talk a tough guy talk on economics without even acknowledging history as recent as WW2.
  3. They try to make a cahreer on youtube when MGTOW can simply be reduced to not marrying and not cohabitating with a woman.
  4. They push alt-rite idears like HBD and KKKultural Marxizm.
  5. They recommend institutions such as law enforcement and military where men will kill other men to protect systems that destroy low status males.
  6. They say that one group of men aren’t mature enough to vote but they can go die in stinky was, just because…
  7. Much like liberals, they are easily offended…

And that is how you create your, haha, “safe space.”



MGTOW and the Man-0-sphere is corrupt and like AVfM should be left to fail..

I think this song is funny…


I realize most in the manuresphere along with the “libertarian” tough guys who post at places like Shedding of The Ego would sneer at this song in the same manner that an overweight feminist would sneer at an image of a Playboy playmate.  Somehow I could just see some feminist sneering at a homeless man in some overpriced shithole like San Francisco and say that he is privileged because he is male.  Then one of the Shedding of the Ego “libertarian” MGTOW would be walking from his tech job and sneer at the homeless man.  He would demand that free markets rule all and this man is a loser because he is not fit to live whereas techieboi is Darwin’s survival of the fittest while demanding that the homeless man be subjected to a tax for smelling bad.  Really, I can’t stand any of these fuckers and I am glad that I limit my exposure to these fuckers only to the internet.

4rth buzzed

hahaha, so I drank some Sapporo and I was offered a shot of Saki, but since I would not be flying into any aircraft carriers I declined.  (Cue alt-reich libtards crying wacist for that one.) Damn, those fuckers we beat in WWII make good beer. As far as stinky Murrikkka– Love the land, hate the government.


Anyways, here’ some jams from that country that just exited the stupid union but we exited them because we didn’t want to pay taxes to a bunch of flamers like Milo Y….

The hypocrisy of Liberals…

Here’s a funny article…

Fuckerberg thinks it’s okay for him to have a wall, but not the US…

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is a 2 faced cocksucker who would rip you off in a second.  And I did think it was funny when I saw Mexicans smashing Trump pinata’s. However, this Zuckerberg fellow thinks one set of rules apply to him and another to everyone else.  He tapes of the camera on his computer because he values privacy, but if you sign up for Facebook, you sure as shit won’t have privacy.  Hell, they are tracking you like the NSA…

Just imagine, “tough guy,” when you sent those dick pic’s to that “man-0-sphere” groupie you thought was a womyn they ended up places you never expected.  Oh, well, now Jack Donovan knows what you are packing, as well as O’Bombya and creepy Zuckerberg.





Read the comments….

Back in the day, I remember taking a Ford on a not so traveled highway in the middle of the day.  65,70,80-man I’m feeling good.  100, whoa, that must be something, I’ve never driven that fast before.  Dashboard starts shaking, fucking shaking, and I’m still going faster.  Haha, this is too much fun, I’m sure I’m breaking the law, or something will go wrong.  I let off the gas.  80 feels slow, 70 like grandma’s driving, 65, goddamnit, I can’t do 55.

Another time, I traded a beloved Strat for 50 lbs of ‘murikan steel, a Mesa Boogie with 6 power tubes.  One day I cranked the fucker to 3 and a drummer threw his sticks at me and said, “Goddamnit, your gonna make me fucking deaf!”  Then I was in a divey rehearsal studio plugged into a no name cab that I’d like to think had some lore like being the backline for Black fucking Sabbath in 1972.  And, uh, I felt the need, the need for speed??? Or was I ‘murika’s volume dealer?  IDK, but I cranked that bad boy up to 5, walls started shaking.  6, the speakers were pushing air, just like if I was standing in front of a hairdryer on the cool setting.  7, my teeth were rattling.  I’m sure I’m playing loud enough that when I’m old I’ll be  saying “What, darling, could you repeat that?  Speak up, now!”  8, do I dare?  Didn’t get that far.  Smell some smoke, the volume goes down to zip.  Silence, and now my ears are ringing.  I think I started crying–I’m sure Paulie Boi Elam woulda laughed at my male suffering.  Did I murder the beast?  Haha, I found out I just blew a fuse.  Just like an old house, the kind you alphas burn down when you put an old penny in the fuse box.

By now your probably thinking I’m a bit of a nerd with a dangerous streak-a danger to myself and maybe others.  Well, I won’t tell ya about my “chemistry” experiments were I found that gas is explosive and kerosene burns then.  But I will tell ya  if it’s something you could put in an engine I ain’t gonna put it in my belly.  I’ve never liked hard liquor, that shit is just disgusting.  In fact in the two little tales above, sad to say, I didn’t even have a PBR to excuse my   stupidity. So if I was ever to meet the “masculine” “men” of the manuresphere like Aaron Clarey and Roosh 5, well, I’d decline their offers to “be a man” and go out drinking.  I’d tell them to have fun getting black out drunk but don’t cry the next day when you wake up next to Jack Donovan or another creepster white nationalist with a sore butt.  Of course I am evillle for saying such a thing, I am A) a vyctym blamer and B) a homafobe.  Sorry, libtards, I didn’t vote for Colonel Sanders-cry someone else a river.


Now apparently there was some frat boy athlete and a passed out drunk womyn.  I suppose it went down like a Roosh V encounter except some Swedes interceded.  So the dudebroe alpha got 6 months.  And everyone says 6 months is too short, well 6 months of unemployment insurance is too short but I am rambling. So his daddy wrote a letter and then some lady in the band in the Youtube video above wrote a letter.  Now, guess what happened to the band?  Did they rape a man and incur the Wrath of Typhone Blue?  Um, nope, the drummer just disagreed with “the sisterhood.”  And they lost gigs and people say derogatory things on their Youtube videos.  Imagine that, everyone says “we need more womyn in STEM.” But now they are demonizing these womyn of Rock.  I wonder, if the Mich Fest returns, will these ladies be allowed to play?