…roller ballz…

saw an ole movie called RollerBall. Essentially, the owrld is controlled by corporate oligarchies. Hiya Amazon, Apple and Microsoft….

The theme of the moive is that James Caan’s character is soooo powerful that the corporate oligarchies can’t allow the plebes to see that one guy can have such an influence on thangs…

Ironically, it seems The Running Man reworked this movie but lost that message. I’m surpised that MigTurds like Scamarossa and Ziggy StardusKKK never mentioned this as it seems up their alley. But maybe nt because they did seem like corporate cocksuckers “muh cahrear, muh cahrear!!!”

Futurist Movie

I had seen Lawnmower man many years ago on TV. I watched both 1 and 2 on a DVD recently (and it is surprising how many movies seem to be unavailable via streaming for those who would call me behind the curve still watching dvd’s.)

What is most interesting is how elements of the movies were highly predictave. Much of the computer animation looks like some dated video from MTV if I am completely honest but there were a few nuggets.

In the second movie, the “bad guy” says “Eye Phone” as he meets with the President. About a decade later, iPhones would take over the world. Also, the idea that a helicopter controlled by hydraulics could be manipulated by someone on the internet seemed far fetched but there are now reports that it may be possible to hack into a smart car via firmware updates and do such a thing.

Ironic how it is the Matrix movies that lead to the manuresphere’s obsession with the red pill/blue pill. However, this movie mentions nootropics and it seems to me that it should be seen as infuential the way NWOBHM bands were influential to Metallica, MegaDeth, Anthrax and Slayer. So far as I can tell, this movie is mostly forgotten…

manboobs/the fat guy code

It just occurred to me that if I was obese as manblobs like David futrelle nd Matt Forney, I would likely shave my chest and play with my manboobs as if they were lady boobs. Then it occurred to me that Forney and Futrelle likely do this. I wonder if there is a fat guy code where if they were to cross each other on the street, the acknolwedge each other with a slight head nod an an acknowledgement that they are each going home to Play (with yourself) Station aka a manboob in one hand and their weiner in the other. And knowing how much Forney loves JAck Donovan and Feminism hates “het cis men” they probably have something in their butts too!

Great Buttrock Song

I remember this song from when I was very young. In fact, I remember quoting the “My ancestors spit on your haircut” line to the neighborhood bully fat Arthur. Then i spit a nasty loogie in his ugly face and ran away as fast as I could!