M(h)RA’s Have No Honor

This is disgusting…

Tard-Con Craptain Capitalism has called for the public doxxing of prominent MGTOW’s on the basis that they are ugly men with micropenises. This asshole doesn’t even have the brain power to form a cohesive argument against MGTOW’s. He plays the “identity politics” of the “social Justice warrior” left wing he claims to hate. Likely, he will also try to find out where they work and call up the HR Department in an attempt to get them fired. And irony of all ironies, he whines about HR Departments being useless.

Now I used to roll my eyes when feminists said they were threatened with rape by M(h)RA’s. I thought it was a cheap tactic to elicit sympathy. I thought the charges were untrue. We see the dishonorable men we are dealing with. Perhaps they did do what they were accused of and perhaps they even attempted rape or carried it out…

This brings me to the next sad but logical conclusion. With doxxing and threats against MGTOW men’s employment, will these mentally unhinged M(h)RA’s stoop lower? Many MGTOW men live alone (duh?) and are likely alienated from their families. Even if the AVfM whackos don’t come after them with physical violence–and an isolated man is a perfect target…. Don’t put it past them that they may do something reprehensible like murder a MGTOW’s dog just to shut him up and because they are sociopathic cowards.

Paul Elam, Roosh, Jack Donovan et all have shown their true colors. They are of no benefit to low status men. Sad to say, SPLC got it right for all the wrong reasons…

(Thanks to tamerlane for pointing this out at Mr. Black Pill’s.)

Elam Marries the Manuresphere

Hehe. well, this is of course facetious…

Elam didn’t marry the manuresphere–however, M(h)RA’s harp on and on about marriage…

They try to tell MGTOW men that a man can be married and also a MGTOW…

Here’s the thing, most guys under 40 know the dangers of marriage. Even if laws can be changed to “make marriage safer” what’s the fucking point? I don’t particularly have anything against married guys. They know the risks they are taking and all I can say is hope it works out. Hell, even some older guys are fully aware, they’ve said so in the comments here.

So the M(h)RA schtick is pretty useless. The guys who are gonna take the leap are gonna take the leap and the guys who ain’t, ain’t. There are lots of areas where the so-called M(h)RM could help low status men but we haven’t seen them do a fucking thing except make Mandy Marcotte vewwy, vewwy mahd, all the while increasing Futrelle’s donations “because feminism is, like, so necessary because-Angry Het Cis White Menz Screaming on Teh Interwebz ™ .” Well, I ain’t a fullblood white. Irony of irony, I haven’t been very welcome in the M(h)RM or the manuresphere. I really couldn’t give a fuck about two groups who at best think I should be a second class citizen and at worst think I’m not fully human as they read about HBD with one hand down their pants at Fartiste and Steve Sailer (Yup, it’s Sailer, not Sailor-guess I ain’t that low on the HBD scale after all.)

While I’ve previously tried to speculate why Elam is sucking up to the manosphere, it was comical to see an interview with Rooosh, someone who has insulted MRA’s almost as much as Futrelle. I think Mr. Black Pill found the missing piece of the puzzle. AVfM simply isn’t relevant. Sure, it’s fine to have a space where boomer men can commiserate their failed marriages. What isn’t fair is that these same men but into MGTOW spaces they had no part in creating and try to force their values down everyone’s throat. Ironically (haha Hipster irony-I bet Cappy Cap hates those tree huggin’, art degree’d, lyberal faygots who don’t smoke cee’gars because low testosterone) their invasion of MGTOW spaces are comparable to the so-called “Social Justice Warriors” trying to impose their values on everyone else….

Yeah, we don’t want bitter, ineffective old men who can’t accomplish anything telling us we are “misogynist’s” because we don’t want to marry or co-habitate with women. They also call us ugly. Haha, this rhetoric is so similar to the feminist’s they “claim” to hate. I’m surprised I haven’t ben accused of being gay for mentioning my distrust of women. In fact, I’ve been called homophobic for not being obsequious to Jack Donovan. Well, I sure as fuck don’t want to “rub elbows” with a white nationalist who likes to shove it up men’s asses. Funny how those WN’s are all about “white separatism” but then they cry “biggotry” when others don’t want any association with them. (Yeah, I was tempted to take a cheap shot and write ASSociation.) I remember when I would post at Genderratic and politely telling Ginko that a men’s rights that allows WN’s to be spokesmen isn’t any kind of men’s right’s a halfbreed like me is gonna sign up for. His telling response, “Not someone to preach on being a good man, but who better than someone like that to tear into bigots.” He’s apparently an ardent supporter of Elam and so far as I’ve seen hasn’t withdrawn support. He seems to be okay with an approach of fighting feminists by being like feminists. And of course, as a low status man, if you are overly critical of Jack Donovan, it is because you are “homophobic” just as if you are overly critical of Amanada Marcotte, it is because you are a “misogynist.” Funny how a gay man like Donovan gets to be a bigot and a woman like Marcotte gets to be a bigot, but an M(h)RA is ready to tone police me for being “uppity.” Funny how these M(h)RA’s will welcome Donovan because he flings pooh at someone they don’t like. Just like those feminist’s will welcome Marcotte. These old, boomer men have failed us. They are meered in the same political correctness of the liberal Social Justice Warriors they claim to hate. They haven’t done a fucking thing to help any low status men or boys, but just like public television, they are whining for your money. Unlike public television, they don’t even have Dr. Who though.

It’s obvious the manuresphere is failing. Even though I consider my participation at the infamous Inmalafide to be a mistake, I gotta admit all the “young man anger” was fun. Kinda like seeing a thrash band or punk band where the moshpit goes apeshit. There WAS energy there…. Now my blog has hit the 4 year mark. I never had any real plan for this motherfucker, but I’m still here. How many manuresphere blog have come and gone. Some of them were presumably written by somewhat reasonable men. They thought they finally found a home where the could talk freely, but when they saw that it was scam after scam… A bunch of unemployed WN’s trying to bring someone who occassionally told an off color, racist joke into the “movement.” Or when they went to a manosphere meet-up and saw the “internet ladies man” was really an overweight, middle aged man who was good at fabricating tales. And they got tired of the bullshit. And they realized the men they met weren’t true friends. And with their talk of “alphaness” weren’t really great or even mediocre. They closed shop and moved on from the scam. That’s why you see so many blogs that barely last a year. And I don’t blame ‘em-those are the sensible guys. Make a mistake, waste some time, realize it and move on…

Yeah, three years ago there was energy…. then allot of guys moved on. And allot of the “old timers” became more angry and bitter. The Rooshies and Fartistes weren’t about slaying pussy but long diatribes about the decline of Western Civilization. As the reasonable guys moved on the unreasonable guys became more extreme….

Y’know I almost feel sorry for Roosh… Almost… He’s of Middle Eastern descent, and let’s face it, there’s a whole lotta Islamaphobia in the Good Ole US of A. Taking a look at him, I figure he was in high school around the first Iraqi War. I’m sure he got shoved into lockers and called a “Camel Jockey” numerous times. One might think this would’ve made him more empathetic to other men. Well he hates on Indian men with a passion. And if you look at his blog, he tries so hard to get accepted by the “race realist” white guys like GL Piggy. Shit, I bet he wears a big hat when he has to go outdoors in daylight. Gotta keep that olive skin as white as possible so at the next manosphere meet up, ya can tell ‘em your really a white guy with a tan. Whatever Rooshie, looks to me like you are a low grade bully. You couldn’t take it or dish it back so you have to find someone lower status to kick around. That’s real alpha motherfucker…

Ironic as shit that “men” like Donovan and Roosh try to define masculinity. It’s just as big a false flag operation as when Marcotte and Schwyzer told living, breathing men their struggles weren’t real and to check their privilege over at that shithole known as “The Good Man Project.”

Chickenhawk sure can play geetar…

haha. so when I see this, I just think how higher status men will tell lower status men to fight some bullshit wars for nations who don’t see them as fully human…

Yup, I said it before but I’ll say it again. A MGTOW stance would be refusing all military service, involvement in law enforcement, etc…

If you believe we are living in a corrupt system as I do, why would you contribute to this with your utility and your life?

A Man’s Value is Determined by How Much Poooosy He Get’s….

hehe, maybe you could tell I was being sarcastic with that title, but if not, maybe the guy who hunted the Mammoth and ate it too ™ would let me borrow his flashing SARCASM button.

Okay, so over at that sewer AVfM Roosh and Captain Capitalism are shitting on low status and MGTOW men with a passion that would make Amanda Marcotte’s panties moist. They are basically saying that MGTOW’s are sexless loser who know the cards are stacked against them but are pathetic because they don’t “man up” and try with women.

Haha, notice how they don’t address the premise of anything MGTOW’s have said, but only accuse them of being weak/unmanly. Is it because Roosh with this microbiology degree and Cappy with his economics degree don’t have the intellectual bandwidth to do so? (Ad don’t they whine that real men ™ only get STEM degree’s anyways????) Naw, I’m sure that ain’t it. It just must be my microbrain to go along with my micropenis, that must be it….

“Enough about you, let’s talk about me” as Hugo Schwyzer is purported to have said to his students wanting to pass a course, erm, legally consenting colleged aged womyn he was “dating.”

So, I’m basically broke. No on has doxxed me, but most people don’t brag about that so you will likely take my word here.

One of my few luxuries is High Gain Tube Amplifiers. I’ve posted music I’ve recorded with them so that should suffice as evidence that I own some tube amplifiers. Granted, it is possible I scoured the internet for someone else’s obviously not professionally recorded high gain amp demoes and passed them as my own. Yes, this is possible. But I don’t get allot of status for showing off demos under a pseudonym. You just know that I appear to have a hobby that takes up time and some cash. It’s more likely that the guy seeking status by how many vaginas he has penetrated is lying to appear high status. (Haha, was that a thinly veiled insult against Roosh?)

Okay, so if I really, really, really needed to get laid. Like my life depended on it or it was literally the most important thing in the universe…

I could go to a pawnshop (with tears running down my cheeks–would Elam and Marcotte be laughing at my male suffering?) and part ways with my beloved amps for some filthy cash. Heck, I might even be able to keep one and be able to keep making demoes.

Then I could go to the Bunny Ranch or wherever in Nevada guys with cash burning a hole in their pocket go. Likely, I wouldn’t go there though. Not recommended by Advocatus Diablo or Maggie McNeil, two people who both know allot about fucking for $$$. I’ve heard Canada is fun, maybe I could drink some Labatts too. Or Mexico, then eat some tacos and some Dos Equis. Or I could message either one of ‘em and get some advice about what my local and illegal options are. Then I could take the cash burning a whole in my pocket and participate in the transfer of wealth from men to women-um, I mean paid sex. I don’t know how many women I’d get to bed. Likely 5, maybe 10, possibly 15? If I offered a tip afterwords, maybe 1 or 2 would let me take a pic and then I could block out our faces and post on this blog to appear “alpha.”

So after running out of cash, I would be far from the “triple digits” all the man-0-sphere guys are but I would probably be in the double digits. Reality is I don’t think most men are “double digit” guys. I suppose most guys if they were honest about it are maybe at 4-6 partners. I’m not here to shame ‘em or putt ‘em down. That’s fine, hope they had fun. But after this experience, I could thereoretically puff up my shoulders and walk around with confidence because I am experienced-far above the 50th percentile. Now a Real Man ™ like Cappy Cap and Roosh.

Of course I already know the next comeback-because I paid for it, it doesn’t count. (Even if the hookers were hotter than anyone Cappy or Roosh nailed.) Well, well, they both sell this thing called “game.” At best a collection of “techniques” that seem like high pressure telesales/used car tricks and at worst seem to have some kind of hokey-pokey magical qualities like “The Force.” I wonder if they owned a brothel or were pimps what they would say. Likely they would say that men who persued casual sex with women were pigs. They were ruining “good women” and making them unmarriable. They would likely say Real Men ™ visited prostitutes because these were professional women trained to handle strange men’s penises. They would likely compare these women to soldiers who volunteer for the US Warmachine. They’d probably say they knew what they were getting into when they signed up and like the soldiers would be used up husks that are disposable but I shouldn’t worry about that because like soldiers their sacrifice is necessary for freedom or some bullshit. Haha, it’s pretty funny, you can look at where someone get’s their money and that’s where their “morality” stems from.

Now I’m not here to shame some guy who pays to get laid. And I’m not here to shame a lady who gets paid. I get it, it’s better than working at Subway while you go to school and you don’t gotta take out loans. But they probably reralize much better than the fucktards at AVfM that how much sex you are getting (or ain’t) doesn’t say too much about your quality as a person but more about your situation.

On to my “situation.” I’m keeping the amps. I enjoy playing my tube amps at loud volumes (sans earplugs.)–Raw Doggin’ it brah. I love it when my Triple Rectifier makes my back teeth rattle. Alright, I usually put in plugs for that one-believe it or not, it was painful to turn the volume past four. I could feel the walls shake. Drum heads would rattle in symphny with palm muted chords. I love how my 5150 seems like a different beast with different tubes and an imitation tube screamer on the front end. Suddenly those chords are tighter and those pinchies just squeal a bit more.

When Roosh and Cappy write about how great sex feels, then I might think they are merely pussyhounds but for now it looks like they are bullies who get off on making low status men feel like shit. Good job Elam for publishing them at your bullshit site. Y’know something, though, you got competition. There’s already a hate movement that pretends to be a social justice movement. And there’s already a guy who bullies low status men and begs for donations. In the first case that’s feminism and in the second case, that’s David Futrelle. Well, right now I can’t see a difference….

Yay! A Rock Vid with Twerking…

So I was watching videos on old marshall valvestates and this vid popped up…

Well, I don’t really like Mastodon as a rock band, I liked ‘em more as weird metal band but (Butt) I really like this video….

My feelings on S&M&M’s….

Okay, so this is something lots of people are talking about all over and S&M seems to be the new normal…

Except to me it always was and always will be weird….

I saw that movie Zero Dark Thirty awhile back and I got really angry during the torture scenes. I mean, like I felt like walking out of the theater, yelling,screaming and punching…

To use a word feminists use, it was “triggering.”

My mommy, a feminist, slapped me around when I was a youngster. I’ve been in a few fights growing up. Being hit isn’t sexy. Being hit doesn’t give me a boner. And, you know what, hitting is almost as terrifying as being hit. Fuck you to all those feminists and M(h)RA’s who would simply throw me in the “abuser” box simply by being a low status male–then throw me in the “prude” box because I don’t like S&M.

I went to a “sex party” one time. A larger woman, or as they are now commonly referred to as BBW’s, was walking around half naked. She handed someone a flooger. They hit her, she made a sound like she was being fucked. They hit her again, she screamed in pain, then said “Harder.” I was feeling really nervous. The flogger was being passed around and was passed to me. I half assedly flogged her. She said, “You hit like a girl, C’mon, give it to me good, stud.”

I just gave the flogger to the next person and walked out of the room. I felt a bit sick to my stomach. It took me a little while to figure out why I felt that way. It was the same feeling I would feel when I saw a pet owner scream and hit their puppy for a minor infraction. It was the same feeling when I saw a parent slap and humiliate their child for a minor infraction. It was Shame. Why did I feel this? Call me a white knight, but there was one part of my brain, one part of my soul telling me that I needed to step in and say what was happening was wrong. I was supposed to yell, “Hey, tough guy/tough girl, there you go hitting a kid or a puppy to show whose boss. Why don’t you try that shit on me? We both know it ain’t gonna end so good for you.” And, what did I do, I kept my head down and walked the other way. Stay out of the affairs of strangers another part of my brain told me. And I did. And my stomach felt sick. And my soul felt tired.

Yet, I’m “supposed” to listen to “men” like David Futrelle who think I should be “sex positive” and pay a dominatrix to humiliate me. But in his view I’d be an oppressive misogynist if I paid a conventionally attractive woman for penis in vagina sex, no hitting and maybe a massage. What kind of fucking world are we living in?

Elam’s favorite song

hahaha, Not!

Joke: A creepy male feminist professor, a gay alternative right white nationalist and a classically liberal M(h)RA who needs dental work walk into a bar….

They see a low status man, and as the drinks start to flow, they get some “beer muscles.”

“Let’s beat that fag.” Deanie Weenie, as he’s affectionately called, states, then, “Erm, nothing against present company.”

“I top, nothing faggie ’bout that, No offense taken, Teenie.” Jackie Boi states….

“And, um, I’m a switch hitter.” Huggs as the call him confidently says. “let’s just call it insurance, no matter what gender I’m around, there’s a warm orifice for me, willing or otherwise.”

They corner the low status man who is quietly drinking his beer. “You better step outside, we don’t like your kind around.” The bouncer looks the other way. They escort him out the back door.

He says, “I didn’t finish my drink, I ain’t looking for trouble.”

The male feminist professor slaps him in the face, “Trouble just found you studmuffin.”

The M(h)RA spits on him, “You misandrist PIGTOW fuckity fuck!!!”

The androphile White Nationalist grabs him from behind, gyrates his hips against the low status man and say, “Oh La La, Sexxxxay time!!!”

The low status man is beaten within an inch of his life and left in a pool of blood, piss and spit.

The three high five each other.

The M(h)RA says, “What about the cops?”

“Whatabout ‘em?” Says the proff, “We just say, he was a domestic violence wife beater.”

“And a homophobe.” Says the WN.

“And I’ll say he knocked out my front toot-Mutually Comabative!” says the M(h)RA…

Then the WN says, “Besides, he had darker skin than us, no cop’ll believe him.”

“Hehe, wascim don’t real” laughs the professor.

“It’s only misandry if it’s a middle aged, married white guy” adds the M(h)RA.

“Group hug time.” says the WN.

“Always.” Says the prof.

“I’m sooo not homophobic” chimes the M(h)RA.

Reality: Feminism, the alternative right and AVfM hasn’t done a fucking thing for low status men. Bring that truth up, get banned at Feminist Critics, GL Piggy and the kings of social justice warriors, AVfM….

On a very serious note….

Now as MGTOW micropenis leader level 4.001898923712, I command you from my mom’s basement as I wipe the dorritos flakes from my hugiferous neckbeard….

All my loyal PiGTOW followers…

Tommorrow is Forced Loneliness Humiliation day, or as normal, er, high status men refer to it, the day you spend more money on some average broad than you spend on your favorite prostitute for maybe the chance to get far less interesting sex…

So, instead of like last year, where our massive (more massive than usual) porn watching habits caused half of Amazon’s servers to crash (and they say they don’t host teh good stuff)…

We will take advantage of the situation the way Roosh 5 took advantage of his passed out drunk college roomate, err, beautiful Ukranian womyn who enthusiastically consented by goobling down roffies by…

A) Selling off our collection of Hentai comic books and vintage Turbograffix 16 Games.

B) Showering and shaving. (Optional to braid neckbeard if like me it is hiding underdeveloped chin.)

C) Ask Mr. Diablo how to find womyn who won’t laugh at you to your face when you hand them money and ask for sex.

D) Call, them up realizing they will be lonely like you, err, underutilized in their professional capacities as their regular customers are visiting their “girlfriends” on Forced Loneliness Humiliation Day.

E) Not try to be Mr. Einstein when you meet with them and see a Porsche in their driveway ad ask how someone who is trafficked could afford such an awesome car.

F) Remember to get your change turned into big bills so they don’t get angry as they have to unfold crumpled $1 and $5 bills and laugh when you hand them pennies and dimes covered in lint.

G) Get prepared for them to laugh the way Roosh and GL Piggy did at the locker room after gym class when you pull down your pants. Just like Roosh and GL, they will offer to make it bigger by sucking on it.

H) Don’t follow your instincts and roll up into a ball and start crying afterwords. Just say, “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me” and walk out the door.

Yes, my unwashed, seething PiGTOW brothers. We can get to be men one day a year and give those post-modern sex positive sex workers sore vaginas as all the normal guys get their wallets raped harder than ours do…

Rock On Muthafuckas…

Political implications of MGTOW

So we’ve seen the so-called M(h)RM go from being “right wing leaning” to being “left wing leaning” and now the pendulum swings back as Captain Capitalism and Auruni seem to be throwing in their support of the AVfM crowd. Many have said politics should be left out of the MRM. On the surface that seems fine…

Isn’t there that ole phrase feminist’s throw around, “The personal IS political.”

Anyways, the M(h)RM’s political views likely have more to do with branding than with well thought out ideology. IE “real men” drink scotch, smoke tobacco and eat processed meats because it is “masculine.”

We can talk about gynocentrism, but soon we will be talking about politics and how systems enforce cultural values. To me it would be absurd to call oneself MGTOW and participate within the US Warmachine or within law enforcement. How can a man sign up for military conscription when he will be sent to kill other men for oil? How can a man sign up for law enforcement when he will enforce unfair and often unjust laws? Eventually interaction with the world at large will inform one’s worldview and to say one is apolitical is to say one hasn’t thought about the world that surrounds them and how they fit in. I am a rock, I am an island-I only wish it were true. I am part of a framework and I can be sentient or an unthinking cog. I believe we have free will but very limited freedom within our circumstances. Yes, I could easily step beyond my paygrade. However, back to earth. Barbarossa insightfully compared marriage to signing up for military service. I believe this analogy has more weight than most realize as in signing both contracts one surrenders autonomy to the will of others. One’s future is no longer one’s own if truly it ever was. Logic follows logic. I personally have no interest in purity or a litmus test, however, voluntary military service is as un-MGTOW as voluntary marriage. One must see that any men’s right’s should place the liberty of the individual to never face forced military conscription as higher priority than petty arguments with feminists. Not all womyn are like that, haha, not all Warmachines are like that, not all governments are like that. Just take a chance and marry a slu..,err, let combat make a man out of you as you bleed out in a trench or try to dull your pain with alcohol years after the fact as the horrors of war still torment you…

This is a bigger piece of why traditionalist women who want to keep men working long hard hours and send young men and boys to their deaths in far off lands should not be welcomed into any pro-male spaces. It’s just another side of the coin of feminist’s endless bashing of low status men.

People talk about MGTOW being libertarian. I have had distasteful arguments with so-called libertarians. While on the surface I may espouse some libertarian values as I think drugs and prostitution should be decriminalized, most libertarians seem to strike me as “winner take-all, if you ain’t rich you ain’t shit, now pull yourself up by the bootstraps you worthless piece of shit” big business Republicans in disguise. Truth be told, my values are probably closer to that of an anarchist. Yeah, keep on reading that libertarian shit, it sounds like poor people are to these motherfuckers what Nice Guys are to bigoted feminists. But some how all those libertarians ain’t above taking a government bailout as soon as they whether a tough year. Just like all those independent womyn aren’t so independent when they start crying “Where have all the good men gone?” Just like I don’t expect to see any feminists on a sinking ship, I don’t expect to see any libertarians around when the only work is back breaking labor for pennies on the dollar.

Tales of a Cam Grrrllll

Well, a few days ago when I was reading Rollins shame sandwich about suicide, I stumbled onto this…


I don’t know if the empowered womyn who wrote this considers herself a feminist but it looks like she thinks men are pieces of shit…

at one point, she invites the cable guy into one of her cam shows…

” One day, I was at home working when all of a sudden my internet unexpectedly dropped. I was in the middle of a show, and by this point, I lived a half-turned-on/half brain-dead existence. A young and attractive cable/internet boy arrived at my door. He was in one room of my apartment fixing the router, and I was in the trying to log into the wireless. Once I was able to, I told my viewers that there was a hot internet guy in the other room and hit the “Gold Show” button. A Gold Show occurs when you list something (anything) that you are willing to do for a certain amount of money. You then get bidders willing to pay up to see it. I titled the show “Should I Seduce The Cable Guy?” and set the amount for $500 bucks. Almost instantly, I got a bidder for $600.

The Gold Show started and the Internet boy came in to my room to tell me he was finished. My heart was racing with so much extreme adrenaline I could have orgasmed right there. I told him, “You know, I actually do webcam and would love to fuck around with you while streaming, would you be down?” He stared at me, then crept over to me like some kind of slow-motion porn. I began to blow him, then he fingered me until I came, and I collected my $600.”

Well, I wonder what the ethics of this are. She is collecting money, but the “performance” couldn’t have occurred without the cable guy…

According to this Cable guys average about $13 an hour.

She quit her oppressive job as a server, now in CA servers must be paid minimum wage plus tips. It’s hard to figure out if she made more money than the cable guy or not. But one might think that she could feel some sympathy to his plight. She likely just saw him as a walking hard-on. And feminists say it is men that objectify womyn…

Obviously, the cable guy “consented” to this. I’m not gonna twist this into some story about rape like an M(h)RA. The guy coulda said no or asked if he could be compensated financially…

and, if she did pay him, I suppose there are some legal things about prostitution, but I ain’t a lawyer…


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