all wrong, err, alt rite goes lamestream…

Well, have you noticed creepsters like Aaron Sleazy and Stardusk using rhetoric that gets closer and closer to Roosh V each day?  Maybe they were always closet racists and now they feel “empowered” to cum on out.  Or maybe they are snake oil salesmen who see  a growing movement  and will say anything to close a deal.  They likely saw Roosh V and Aaron Clarey selling a defective product but instead of being called out, sales grew as they embraced the alt-rite.  Well…libtardscucktrumpblowmilocrybabies

paying 4 it….

You can read about a womyn’s experience with “cuddle therapy.” It brings up some (nuanced) points that get glossed over when people talk about prostitution.  She feels icky “paying 4 it.”  Something that should be free, cuddles, hugs, physical intimacy, she is now using the free market to put a price tag on.  I suppose she doesn’t feel icky paying for someone to work on her car because it requires skills she may not know and may not be interested in learning.  She probably doesn’t feel icky paying for a pizza because someone has to get the ingredients and make the thing.  Heck, she might not even feel icky about a so-called sports massage, y’know the ones where they actually can name muscle groups and not those weird places with the flickering lights and bars on the window.  Because even then, a skilled individual is working hard to get knotts out of her muscles.

She talks about being afraid to hire a man for this service because, presumably, she doesn’t want to let someone bigger and stronger into her living space.  I could cry “misandry, misandry” but since I’m not an M(h)RA weirdo like Dean Esmay, I’ll just say it’s understandable that she wouldn’t.

But here are the choice quotes that talk about “paying 4 it”–

” After I picked a time and date and received a confirmation, I then surrendered my AmEx number-for a second, it did feel a little dirty.”

“When our session is up and the $80 exchanges hands, I feel as if I’ve paid for a service that falls somewhere between therapy and a one-night stand. There’s still uncertainty and searching and the stirrings of an internal shift, maybe, but when I’m on the street, there’s overwhelmingly something else: the memory of someone holding me whom I held in return. I know human touch is important. I know that this is therapeutic. But for me, for now, it’s just not the same.”

Why is this so interesting?  Because whenever prostitution is talked about, men are expected to “pay 4 it” without feeling dehumanized in the process.  It’s all about the woman’s agency or how she might be coerced, or how she really doesn’t want to do it but the sweatshop paying 10 cents an hour wouldn’t hire her.  Manosphere guys talk about prostitution being a simple answer between “inequalities” between the sexes.  It isn’t, brah, it isn’t…


More liberal hypocrisy…

Let’s get two things outta the way here quick…

Doxxing is wrong…

Someone being shutdown for wrong doing IS NOT limiting free speech…

One the first part, you mighta heard about a creepster creeping on gay Olympians

Now on the second part, you probably heard about Milo Y’s publicity stunts that he claims were limiting his free speech…  But let’s get real here, for an opportunistic narcissistic  creature like Milo, the only bad press is no press.  He gets to play vyctym and  his fanboize chant louder and louder he got a raw deal, brah.

Okay, tough guy, as a low status male, I don’t have much dog in the fight between so-called left wingers and right wingers.  They both look down upon me as a worthless piece of shit.  So I’ll hold them both to the same standard.

Now you mighta heard about Gawker’s troubles.  And much like misguided Milo, some are trying to misappropriate free speech.  If a corporate platform behaves badly and opens itself up to legal action, this is not a case of free speech.  This sounds like the “too big to fail” bullshit we heard circa 2008. Ironically, Nick Denton, a gay treated another gay man badly yet I’m the fucking homophobe because I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with liquored up, lipsy Milo Yiannopoulos.  If Peter Theil felt wronged by the sleazetastic forces at Gawker and found it worthy to back another man, Hulk Hogan who was also wronged, the only unfair part to this story is that poor men such as myself don’t have such recourse against the mistreatment they must endure.  But the nutjob liberals will still tell me to “check my privilege.”


The irony of the HBD and “Game” kults

You may have noticed that those flawed individuals who accept the religion of “game” also accept the pseudoscience of HBD.  “Game” pre-supposes that you can learn a bag of tricks and then seduce virtually any woman.  Not only that, you can keep her in line indefinitely with more “game.”  HBD assumes that one group is inherently superior because of higher IQ test scores.

Now, I could go into great detail debunking both “game” and HBD, but many others before me have done this pretty well.  One thing that I have observed is that “gamers” are now making statements that it would be great if a significant part of the male population was killed off in wars so they would have an easier time getting laid.  The irony here is that if their “bag of tricks” actually worked, they wouldn’t have to fear male competition.

Another thing I have noticed with the HBD crowd is that they will complain endlessly about things like affirmative action.  If they really were members of a “master race,” it shouldn’t effect them negatively at all.  After all, the cream rises to the top.  Isn’t that the crux of their theory?  If they truly were a notch above merely by being a member of a specific race, shouldn’t they rise to the top even in adverse conditions where they were discriminated against?


This is why I can’t stand liberals/progressives

They think they are right about everything and can’t tolerate any dissent…

Read this.

“WGBH reporter Adam Reilly captured the circus on video, asking Stein whether she was concerned that her opposition to Clinton might tip the election to Trump.

She sure wasn’t. The rise of right-wing extremism in this country, Stein said, is being driven by NAFTA, globalization, and the big banks, all promoted by “the Clintons,” she said.”

Actually a sensible thing said by Stein.

“Putting another Clinton in the White House will fan the flames of this right-wing extremism,” she said. “We have known that for a long time, ever since Nazi Germany.”


Read some fucking history…

Of course Jack Off Donovan, Andre Anglin and all the stormfags, while they pontificate about made up shit like HBD are absolutely ignorant of this.  Yet halfbreed me is the subhuman animal according to them, and I have a basic grasp of history.

The resentments of a warlike people alongside a really bad deal allowed the third reich to come to power.

This is where you can see the condescending arrogance of a liberal: “Hey, you’re off the hook, Adolf. Neoliberalism, not your unhinged demagoguery, brought us the Third Reich.”

Look at how bad a deal so many Americans have gotten in the past 20 years while the Clinton’s rake in their millions for closed doors speeches to Goldman Sachs.  It’s as condescending as listening to a feminist calling an incel man a sexually entitled nice guy.  All while telling women they can go out and party with their Warmachine boyfriend then tell the same “sexless losers” that they are fucking misogynist’s for not standing in the way of the fists of these broads’ Warmachine boyfriend when he decides he needs a human punching bag.  Then ranting feminizm help teh menz ™ ….



two wrongs make an (alt) right


Wake up guys, this fucker is not pro low status men.  He uses his homosexuality the way a feminist woman uses being a girl.  He throws punches then cries “vyctym” when anyone else punches back-if that’s not “privilege” then I don’t know what is.  He wants men to get circumcised because he finds it “pretty” but he doesn’t give one flying fuck if an infant boy is mutilated.  Just remember, Judgy Bitch, Jack Donovan, Milo Y, Paul Elam–they don’t give a flying fuck about low status men, they just want to profit off of them.  Expose these fuckers for what they are.  Don’t let the “feminist critique” be the only critical statement against these scum who, quite frankly are just as anti-male as the feminist’s they claim to hate.

….how MGTOW is failing low status men….

Here’s an article on male suicide…

“Pressure to be the main breadwinner within a household is particularly pronounced amongst males. Just over two-fifths (42 per cent) feel this pressure compared to only 13 per cent of females with 81 per cent of males saying this pressure comes from `themselves`.”

“Males are significantly more likely to have lost their job previously (54 per cent compared to 35 per cent of females) and to have lost their job more than once (25 per cent compared to ten per cent of females).”

“Single men, those separated and divorced, are more likely to think they lack essential qualities and abilities suggesting their view may have been affected by their lone status or past experiences. Men aged 25-34 years are significantly more likely to feel they lack some of these qualities. Unsurprisingly there is an evident connection between a feeling of lacking qualities/abilities and depression, risk taking behaviour and frustration with life.”


Now the above article isn’t particularly great but it suggests something that I’ve suspected.  A suicidal man likely feels like a failure in his career or sexual relationships and doesn’t see things getting better…

Just imagine a man in immense pain.  He types a few words into google and then has the misfortune of clicking on AVfM.  Hopefully, something in his gut stirs him to look away and to go onto something else.  Hell, even a porn site is likely better for his psychological health, what’s left of it… But imagine if he logs in, gets a membership and tries telling his story.  He winds up disagreeing with one of the schoolmarm female moderators.  He gets shouted down and his masculinity ripped to shreds by none other than that bully Paul Elam.  Do you think that could convince him to pull the trigger?  Do you?

Now imagine a guy a few years younger.  A similar pain to the man above but a slightly different combination of words and it leads him to somewhere like shedding of the ego.  He may have just lost his job.  He’s getting unemployment, enough to cover rent but not much else.  Savings, what’s that?  So he’s thinking of applying for food stamps just to have enough to eat.  Do you think the “libertarian tough guys” would have any compassion for this man?  Do you think they might go onto some right wing rant that this guy is going to raise their taxes because of his “entitlement” to a free meal?  Do you think this man could get any worthwile support form “MGTOW”?  Do you think their rants about how great they are with their six, no seven figure jobs and anyone who isn’t is a scum leech might make him want to pull the trigger? Do you?



More and more it is looking like MGTOW is a label that attracts nutters who want to hammer low status men into the ground and spread conspiracy theory…

How do you identify these toxic individuals?

it’s quite easy…

  1. They refer to other men as “beta” and yammer on and on about a red pill/blue pill dicotomy.  Sounds like another nutter group that whines endlessly about hegemonic masculinity and patriarchy, shit, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were bad parody’s of each other.
  2. They talk a tough guy talk on economics without even acknowledging history as recent as WW2.
  3. They try to make a cahreer on youtube when MGTOW can simply be reduced to not marrying and not cohabitating with a woman.
  4. They push alt-rite idears like HBD and KKKultural Marxizm.
  5. They recommend institutions such as law enforcement and military where men will kill other men to protect systems that destroy low status males.
  6. They say that one group of men aren’t mature enough to vote but they can go die in stinky was, just because…
  7. Much like liberals, they are easily offended…

And that is how you create your, haha, “safe space.”