….saw it….

…thought it was great, truly a work of art…

Joaquin Phoenix took this character to the next level, and after Heath Ledger’s spectacular performance that is truly groundbreaking.  He was simultaneously a frail, broken man and an agile athlete capable of Dirty Harry violence…

…The scene where the frat boi finance guys attack him was extremely powerful.  It looked like he was gonna takethe beating of his life.  Just as he was getting kicked on the ground.  He shots the first worthless fart, downs the second.  The third starts running of the subway car, but the joker wastes him.  It was one of the most gratyfying things I’ve ever watched…

…and I know why this movie is “taboo.”  It shows a low status man getting some degree of revenge against his bullies.  Assholes like David Futrelle aren’t scared that they will publicly poop their pants  from stuffing gallons of mountain dew and mcdonalds cheezebrugers down their thoat.  They secretly fear that one of the men that they have relentlessly bullied would get in thir face and kick their unwiped ass.  Such low status men are expeted to bury their pain and silently kill themselves.  This movie destroys ther cmfortable narrative. That’s why those neolibtards hate this movie….


…mgtow was really full of shit…

Okay guys, I’ve always hated working and participating in society….

Most MGTOW’s seemed to brag about how hard they worked at their jobs and how much money they made.  They seemed a whole lot like neoliberal feminist womyn who were all about their cah-rears… Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have a couple million dollars myself. but I don’t want to buy in by giving up most of my waking hours working.  I’ve never forged an identity from working,. just a sense that I was slowly wasting away my life.

I would understand if a MGTOW was learning a trade so that he could always have an income and be self-reliant.  I could understand if a MGTOW was clocking a bunch of hours with an escape plan.  Such as buying a property free and clear, then going ghost.  But most MGTOW bragged about how hard they worked…

Racist Stardusk would whinge how his hard work and useless masters degree had negatively impacted his health and e-begged for money.  What a useless fuck.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his next move is to go to a surgeon and get his dick lopped off.  Then he can become a “sex worker” and recruit all his weirdo alt-right buddies to be his, err, “her,” err “Zing, Zhey, Zir” customers.  Ziggy Stardusk can then lay on it’s back, and make a bunch of money, hahahaha.

Barbarabrowski was another asshole who bragged how hard he worked.  I think that was the premise for his bullshit book.  He works so hard, so he needs to bug low status men for handout so he can sit on his ass.  And then he never even delivered the book he promised.  Oh, well, he can now take the money he scammed and pay for access to Stardusk’s mangina.  They can all gloat that they are real men ™ because they get layyed allwhilst be happy that their hard earned money isn’t going to support a womyn.  All whilst saying Zigs Stardusk is a womyn because, let’s ignore biology and pretend like all those crazy liberals that Zigs identifies as one so therefore Barbarabrowski ain’t ghey for cravin’ some mangina.

I bet that shitlord Male Sentient Void would also get in on the act.  “Barbarossa, where are ya…. Oh, wait, you are ahead of me in line for Stardusk. Uh, please clean ‘er up a bit, I don’t want ta get sticky like that time we shared a sex doll at the sex doll brothel in Berlin.”

And on that note, Male Sentient Void and his Commie Buddies KKKirea and Tamerloon with all their rainbow colored sickle and hammers would not set free a low status man such as myself. Look how they relentlessly attacked me for refusing to be a cog in their cult.  The best I can figure is they wanted me to do dirty work they are too lazy and incompetent to do themselves.  They would not set me free from the world of work, they would work me like a slave whilst they did “administrative work.”  (Watch pr0n on TOR browsers…)

Advipoops Diapercrapacoli had this video on his blog:

I don’t buy into everything this dude is saying, however, it does point out to how “mgtow’s” who were obsessed with work really weren’t going their own way but slaving away for others.  I think Ziggy Stardusk and Barbarabrowski were secretly angry that the free market devalued their labor so much that they were unable to afford alive in prostitute, err, I mean wife.  Looks like they were more driven by resentment at this fact rather than any desire for “male soveriegnty.”

…P-Ray Knocks one outta the park…

“A handy rule of thumb about whether a society is racist is how many males of your ethnicity are with a local woman – or if even that pairing shows up in advertisements. If it’s a very small percentage, there’s a very good case the society is racist.”


He succinctly states what blogger like Eurasian Tiger/longingfordeath have been trying to say.  It’s funny how scumbag liberal feminists like David Futrelle will go outta their way to cry that Trump is soooooo waycist but throw a shitfit if a non-white man critiques his hate move…err bowel movemen, uh I means social justice movement.  It’s also funny how the white “pro” male colleKKKtive gets triggered every time I make a Jack Don-0-van or Dickie Spencer meme.  I guess the old saying of “to see who is privileged, see who you can’t critique” applies here…

If you are a low status male, you will be judged even more harshly for things outta your control such as your race or physical height.  I posit that many M(h)RA’s as well as feminist’s are okay with this.  And of r that, I say there is no ppoint working alogsdie them.  In fact I would say to do everything short of actual activism in order to hamper their efforts.

…Am I gonna get robbed???

…okay, so a lady who lives across the street from me knocked on my outer doors.  She looked like she just came from a date. I had just finished my late night run at the beach.  I thought maybe she needed something like a Tripple A tow or such so I opened them to speak with her.  She said she was locked out of her place and asked if she could come to my place and “hang out.”  I know Advocatus Diaboli will call me a sissy and say I should have taken her up on the offer and then pulled some Aziz Anasari styled moves.  I don’t let strangers, especially womyn into my place.  They would probably freak out if they see my  “arsenal.”  Nothing huge but enough to make a Crooked Hillary supporter think I am the next mass shooter.  So I said I can’t have anyone over.  Asked if I have roomates, which I should of answered yes looking back.  I just said it is messy.  She said she didn’t mind a messy place to which I responded it was really messy.  And she laughed and said “Your embarassed?” Then she asked what I do and where I work and I said I am between jobs.  And I really think she was scoping out a place to rob because that is what you’d want to do. Take a look and see what can be grabbed and then figure out what schedule you could do that.

…i probably dodged a bullet…

…okay, so it probably comes as no surprise to regular readers that I am a bit socially awkward/behind the curve/naive….

I met a lady online.  She gave me her phone number and we talked for about two hours.  Then we talked again for another two hours.  She said she wanted to meet me.  I told her about a place I sometimes bartend at and she met me there.  Truth be told, she looked a good ten years older than what her profile said.  We just hung out for a few hours after my shift ended.  I figured I wouldn’t hear from her again because mst times I have met a woman online they go ghost on me after the first meeting.

I didn’t hear form her for two weeks.  I could still see her online profile and I think she was chasing another guy.  Out of nowhere, she called me and said she wanted t get me dinner.  I said that would be okay I guess.  She blew me off at the last minute and I didn’t think much of it.  Then she called me a gain and apologized.  Then we talked for a bit and she said she is a dominatrix and she likes to hit guys.  I told her I don’t like being hit and didn’t want to be hit.  She didn’t seem to listen.

She called me again and invited me to dinner and I politley declined.  She asked when I was going to bartend again and I foolishly told her.  She then called me up and said she wanted to take me to dinner before I bartend.  I said I would be really busy.  She joked and said she was gonna bring her flogger and I should let her know which guys she can hit.  I told her to leave me out of that.  She then sent a whole bunch of texts and I politely told her I didn’t want to be hit.  She ignored that and said, please acknowledge that you got my last text, I want to see you tonight.  I again told her I thought she was being really aggressive and I don’t want to be hit.  Luckily she mostly avoided me while I was bartending but then introduced me to her freind who looked like she did lots of hard drugs.  I was able to avoid them both for the rest of the evening.

She then called me a few days later and asked if she could crash out at my place for a few hours before she was going to a party.  I said I didn’t know her well enough for her to come to my place.  She said it wuld be fun and she wouldn’t hit me unless I wanted to be hit.  I still told her no.  I got asked to bartend but told ’em I couldn’t make it cause I didn’t want to see this lady again.  I then erased my online profile.  She kept on texting a few times at 3 am asking if I was awake or wanted to party.  I figured she wasn’t gonna take a polite no so I just blocked her number.

I know assholes like Clarence in Baltimore would insult me for having a boundry but I think it’s really shitty how she acted…

….moving on from men’s rights, mgtow and the internet…


…..to be quite honest, anyone who has followed this blog probably knows that I haven’t had much passion for blogging for a few years now….

I think 2016 to 2018 was pretty much entirely just Richard Spencer memes….

Extremely low effort, I know….

It was ironic that the “pro” male authoritarian assholes attacked me.  It gave me a brief second wind to point out their blatant hypocrisy.  It was as if they were trying to overtake a piece of land I had almost given up on (this blog.)

I have never been interested in “activism.” There are many reasons for this, the most primary being why should I spend my time and effort trying to “fix” a broken system I had no part in creating. I would rather find workarounds to avoid the most broken aspects of this system and enjoy my life as much as I can.  Anyone who tells me otherwise, whichever side of the political spectrum is just trying to shame me into doing work they most likely are unwilling to do themselves.

Why should I stick my neck out for guys who would gladly throw me under the buss.  I may be dumb but I ain’t a chump.  This goes for Paulie Boi Elam,  Barbarabrowski and the Tamerlame butt boi crew.

Omega Virgin Revolt left a few comments that he doesn’t know where to go at this point or even if to continue because most men won’t even listen.  Worse yet, they will blindly attack you.  I am pretty much at this point too.




…equicraps screwed the pooch…

alright, I’m not an MRA or a MGTOW so unlike Paulie Boi Elam or Barbarabrowski, I ain’t gonna ask you for any money.  But I did want to point out that you might be (if yer a Murrikkan) eligible to get some cash because this crappy company was careless with your personal info…

Here’s where you can check your eligibility….


And here’s where you can file a claim:


You can opt for $125 or their “credit monitoring.”  I would take the $125.  You can also get $25 for each hour you spent changing passwords, freezing credit and other activites due to Equicraps screw-ups.  I think you will have to show documentation for claims over 10 hours.

I know a creep like Advocatus Diaboli will laugh and say, “This is chump change.”  He’s just pissed that it’s not enough to get a prostitute to touch him.  But you could still get a nice dinner, some beer or weed or some video games….

More double standards from mr. manboobz

alright, David Fartelle has another horrid article:


If thing happened as stated, I don’t think the little guy shoulda started yelling at people.  He should have cancelled his order, complained to management and written a negative review of the business.  While assholes like Jack Donovan will talk tough guy talk, a low status male is much better off staying under the radar and not getting law enforcement involved.  This is strikingly similar to the point I made that low status men should stay out of activism.

The hypocrisy is that David Fartelle and his rapid brand of man hating femanzi’s would throw a shit fit if someone made fun of a fellow feminist like Lindy West for her addiction to high fruitcose corn syrup.  They think it is absolutely funny to rag on a guy for his lack of height but if someone is made fun of for their weight it is “bigotry.”  Never mind that the fat person could simply stop eating pizza and guzzling Mt. Dew.  It is much harder for a short person to change their stature, although there are risky and expensive surgeries available.  Hopefully more low status men of all heights see what a shitty deal feminsim/liberalism/progressivism is and work instead towards their own self interests…