The Alt Reich won’t Be Defeated by Rational Arguments

We saw what happened when MRA’s tried to politely refute feminist talking points….

They were misrepresented by intellectually dishonest frauds like David Futrelle…

Now, I have no love for MRA’s and think that Paul Elam is just as much a snake oil salesman as any fraudster pedaling “game.”  But we saw what happens when one tries to argue in good faith against feminists….

The same thing will happen when dealing with the scuzballs in the alt-rech…

I believe we can show that they are hypocrites and that their “ideologies” are inconsistent.  But nothing will be gained by trying to engage them directly.  Well, maybe a direct punch to Dickie Spencer’s zit face perhaps…

Let’s tear these fuckers apart…creep-richard-spencer-when-jack-donovan-taught-me-about-masculinity-he-forgot-to-teach-me-how-to-tak

Just remember, just like the modern version of liberalism has nothing for low status men, it’s the same shit, different day with the alt-right…

this is too funny…


Maybe Trickie Dickie forgot to pay because of that concussion…

…oh, wait, that didn’t happen three years ago…

Maybe Trickie Dickie forgot to pay because being so high on the HBD scale, he was trying to create a time machine and forgot to do basic accounting…

…or maybe he’s not smart enough to use TurboTax…

Maybe Trickie Dickie thought he was a badass like Al Capone…

…well, we all know how that went

hahaha, in his White Ethnostate, everyone will be a welfare king and no one will pay taxes….

When even tough guy Libertarians don’t want ya around…




Another way to describe the friend zone – or why “friendships” with women will be negative for low status men…

Imagine you are a guy who just finished college, have a lot of debt and live in a city with a high cost of living.  You have a low paying entry level job and you are barely keeping your head above water.  You get invited for drinks by a guy your age.  He went to a better school, didn’t finish.  But his dad pulled some strings, he got a good job.  He showed you his “spring break” pics.  This guy lives large.  There’s probably a trust fund there.  You could go to the bar with him, networking and all that.  He’ll probably cover the first round too.  But you know that you’ll be expected to pay a large tab at some point.  His tastes aren’t exactly “budget dive.”  Sure, you could splurge, there’s still open credit on your card even thought you’ve surely but slowly been paying it down.  And that savings account you started a few months back, not quite up to $250 and at this rate it’ll be over a year before you get to that “safety cushion grand.”  You could raid that as an emergency beer fund, couldn’t you?

This guy doesn’t get that you live in the dodgy but slightly arty part of town because that was the only place you could find where it was under a grand for rent.  He thinks you are just some kind of hipster wanna-be. He thinks that you drive that old pick-up because vintage is in.  Doesn’t realize it was all you could afford with your graduation money and it seemed better than getting locked into a car loan.  He doesn’t realize that you ride your bike to work 3 days a week because the pickup needs probably about $2000 in work just to be safe and those tires are worn down to the tread.  If you ride you bike to work 3 days a week, you only have to put $20 in gas and you can make that last a whole ten days.  He thinks you are just being “green,” you liberal, you…

In short, the reality of your situation is something he will never understand.  So you politely decline the night out and say you gotta have a clear head for tomorrow’s workday.  Maybe next time, though…

Do you see the inequity of this situation???

Okay now there is something called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

–physiological needs come at the bottom of this pyramid.  This is food water, and yes, sex.

–Next comes safety and security.

–After that, friendship and love.

If you accept this model (and there is certainly an argument to be made that this is flawed or not a be-all-end-all model of human life.)

Well, if you do accept this model, then you might start seeing where I am going.  A woman seeking “friendship” with a low status man is seeking higher things on the pyramid, perhaps safety that might come from being seen in public with him.  She may complain to him that she easily gets Mr. Right now on Tinder but where is her Mr. Right?  She might complain of the wage gap and talk about equal work for equal pay.  But where is her “egalitarianism” when she expects the man to pay for the first date.  Where is her “egalitarianism” when men are expected to make the first move in romantic courtships and also navigate extremely confusing and contradictory social cues.

This “relationship” will be on an unequal footing.

Just like “drinking with the rich guy.”

Just like the employer-employee relationship.

Maybe you are stuck with the inequitable employer-employee relationship.

But why are you choosing the other two?

the “career trajectory” of snake oil salesmen…

Okay, a few years back, let’s say 2012, there was a meet-up with Roosh and several denizens of the man-o-sphere.  After this meet-up several blogs shut down…  I don’t think it was fear that they would be doxxed by feminists but the reality that they were surrounded by scam artists and snake oil salesmen.  In fact, I think I saw a few comments left by a man who went by the handle Bronan the Barbarian as a testament to this.  (Bronan the Barbarian, if you are still around, I’d love to see you comment here as you “were at ground zero” and I’m an outsider-let me know the real deal.)

My guess as to what happened is that allot  of these guys saw the reality and by not being high on the dark triad, didn’t want to keep on blogging and mislead people.  Around this time also, we saw a re-branding where PUA was out and “game” was in.  A little while later we would see other re-brandings such as “neomasculinity” and the MRA’s now calling themselves MHRA’s.  (What was that about, were they trying to trick drag racing fans into Men’s Rights Activism?)

We would all see guys like Roosh and Heartiste move further away from “pick-up” and more and more into territory such as “the dark enlightenment,” “HBD” and “race realism.”

My guess is this… There is only so much you can say on picking up women.  Do what you can to “look good.”  That might be lifting weights or buying nice clothes.  Other things such as height and facial symmetry have more to do with winning the genetic lottery and short of (possibly dangerous) surgery, there really ain’t much you can do.  Anyone who has spent any time in a Boiler room sales position will likely know what I am about to say.  When you are cold calling, there are two things you need to have a chance at succeeding.  Someone on the other end of the line willing to take a cold call and someone on the other end of the line wanting what you are selling.  Of course you will hear “sales managers” talk about “scripts.” While “product knowledge” can certainly help closing a deal, you won’t get your foot in the door without the first two things.  If you think selling iceboxes to Eskimo’s works, I got some Real Estate in Alaska I’d like ta sell ya…  You are much better off looking to work for a company with good reviews selling a much needed product than you are trying to work for a company with a 1 and a half star rating and tons of complaints with the BBB.  But I’m sure the “sales managers” at those companies will just say “you lack confidence.” So you probably see where I am going with this.  A PUA can only give you so much actionable advice.  Either you start going to bars and meet-ups or you don’t.  Either women start finding you attractive or they don’t.  Anyone with half a brain realizes you will only get so far with “canned lines.”  Some guys realize they can “pull women” (and likely never even read a PUA blog.)  Some guys would rather stay home and play video games.  And some guys would rather hire a prostitute and be done with it all.

My speculation is this, Roosh V and Heartiste aren’t the type of fellows that you would want to be good friends with or go into a business partnership with.  But they are shrewd and exceedingly self-serving.  I believe they saw less and less new guys coming to their blog to learn about “pick-up.”  But they saw an angry and loyal following.  And they studies their followers and saw that they were linked to places like GL Piggy, Steve Sailor and VDare.  And they revamped their content to be more in-line with these ideologies so they could “cross-sell” to these guys.  “HBD,” “Race Realism,” “Alt-Right,” “WN,” –heck ya, there’s more to life than banging drunk skanks and avoiding false rape accusations ™ -amirite???  So, uh, yeah, Return of Kings, will like totally explore his complex stuff, brah.  –And now you can see how these guys shifted from “lifestyle” blogs to “culture war” stuff.  It got them more pageviews.

Okay, now here’s another guy, Aaron Sleazy, take a read of this:

Tell me, does this sound Alt-Right to you?  It does to me.

Interesting exchange in the comments…Screen shot 2017-03-07 at 12.13.20 AM

Now, I’ve got to give credit to a commentor who goes by Dick for pointing this out to me at OmegaVirginRevolt, in the comments of this article:

Screen shot 2017-03-07 at 12.19.27 AM

So he points out that race IS important in dating but somehow KNOWS that a man’s issues ARE NOT because of the ethnicity’s of his parents.  This feels like when a feminist KNOWS that a man’s intentions must be bad but demands that he give her the benefit of the doubt.  Could it be that he is somehow invested in believing that the issues Eurasian Tiger is facing are not because of the ethnicity’s of his parents:

Now, I believe it is possible for a man of mixed race to grow up healthy.  He needs three things, support from his father and father’s side of the family.  Support from his mother and  mother’s side of the family AND to live in a society that does not discriminate against him harshly.  As a mixed race man myself, I see how hard it is to get by without that.  I have different challenges than Eurasian Tiger, for example I have very thick facial hair and  would likely appear more masculine than most Hapa’s.  However I have darker skin and am more likely to get dirty looks from Law Enforcement or store owners.

Back to Sleazy, why is he moving into an Alt-Right direction?  My best guess is he thinks it will help him monitize products. My observation is all these guys selling “self-help for men” are selling snake oil and doing more harm than good.

Real World Ways to Defeat the Alt-Reich and Feminism

I was never interested in “activism” or joining a “million man march” to scream alongside some jerk like Paulie Boi Elam.  But that is neither here nor there.  My talents seem more aligned to trolling and flinging insults.  I don’t pretend to have any “real world” cultural influence but I’ve been surprised to see that some meme’s I create show up when googling alt-reich and feminist figures.  They’ve seem to spread like herpes.

So what is the next step.  I don’t believe in creating alliances and I most certainly do not believe that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  I think we all saw what happened with creepster Milo and it was only a matter of time.  Show what hypocrites people like Jack Donovan, Dick Spencer, Bill Maher and David Futrelle are.  Let the “conservatives” and “SJW’s” do the “heavy lifting.”

Pose questions online such as “If Richard Spencer truly wants to achieve a white ethnostate, will this precipitate violence against non-whites?”  If he and his cronies say no, then ask if their rhetoric is only fantasy.  Push them for answers until they say something utterly indefensible as that glib asshole Milo did.

Push a bully like cookie-dough Futrelle and ask him if the “Nice Guy” schtick could’ve pushed a lonely man with social anxiety into suicide.  Push for answers, he will eventually expose his bullying ways and incriminate himself.

Eventually, they won’t be able to defend the indefensible.  What happened to Milo is just a sign to come and for trolls in the shadows, this is the best time ever to be alive.



it’s only a matter of time before the alt-reich starts using the “het cis male” slur

I had someone in real life ask me what I thought of lesbians.  I answered I dislike them and avoid them as much as possible.  This fellow gave me a quisical look as if I had said a slur like nigger or faggot.  I went on to explain that as a half-breed, I wouldn’t cozy on up to neo-nazi’s like David Dewkie and shitlord Anglin because they hate me for something I cannot change about myself.  I dislike lesbians not because they munch carpet (thus increasing their risk for throat cancer) –but because many use the slur Het Cis Male.  I told him to google it and see the amount of hatred that straight men are dealt by liberals, gays and feminists.  Do you really expect me to cozy up to some piece of shit like Dick Spencer that see’s me as a subhuman animal with poor impulse control that should be exiled from the US because he want his pwecious eth-NO-state?  If you understand the reasons that I would find it distasteful to be in a room with lispy Dick, why can’t you understand that I find many lesbians who harbor similar anti-male attitudes distasteful?

You might say, “well why don’t you ask a lesbian woman if she hates het-cis men?” Somehow, you know you will get the whitewashed (haha, whitewashed) answer that a creeper like Dick Spence would give if you ask if he hates black people. “Um, no, like, men aren’t, the problem, y’know, just, uh, PRIVILEGE, but the fact you even ask such a question just shows your MALE ENTITLEMENT.”  The rationalizations are so similar to some neo-nazi creep it’s not even funny.  Since so many members of the alt-reich obviously are not  “Het-Cis Men,” I speculate it is only a matter of time before they start using similar language as their “enemies.”

the striking similarities between feminism and the Alt-reich

1.) Absolute hatred of low status men. With feminism, this can be seen with hateful rants against “Nice Guys.”  With the Alt-Reich this can be seen with their hatred of non-white (and halfbreed men such as myself) as they book their sex vacations to Thailand.

2.) Demands of special privileges from the government.  With feminism this can be seen as hiring quotas.  With the Alt-Riech, claims for a white enthno-state.

3.) Demands to entitlements without merit.  There is a reason why feminism appeals to angry cat ladies and there is a reason that the Alt-Reich appeals to sub par white men.  Both promise superiority without accomplishment and are anti-meritocracy.

4.) Religious, fanatical adherence to non-scientific ideas.  In the case of feminism, an insistence that we live in a “patriarchy.”  In the case of the Alt-Reich, beliefs such as HBD.

5.) Miss-using words to communicate badly formed ideas.  Feminists miss-use privilege not to mean that someone comes from a wealthy background but as a hammer to assault anyone they disagree with.  The Alt-Reich uses a Red Pill/Blue Pill dichotomy to pretend that they are “owners of truth” and anyone who disagrees with them is unable to see the world “as it is.”