Power and Perspective…..

Well, I came across a great blog entry called The Curse of Knowledge….


It was written by a Personal Trainer named Craig Weller.

He presents the idea that once you know something, you will have some difficulty relating to someone who doesn’t.

This is called The Curse of Knowledge. Essentially, once one learns something, it is impossible to unlearn it and one will be forever biased with an inability to fully comprehend that the person one is trying to communicate with doesn’t also understand. “
Later, he follows with:

Next time you find yourself in a comparable situation like coaching a person who just doesn’t seem to get what you’re saying; forget about their shortfalls and consider that the sticking point may lie in your own perceptions. You and your client are seeing, thinking and comprehending in entirely different ways and in order to communicate effectively you’ll have to put greater effort into understanding the mindset of your client.”

This was the reply I left:

Gravatar Stoner With A Boner

Very interesting article….

So are you saying that all the problems I had in school weren’t because of me but because of my teachers?

Posted on 11:49PM on April 29, 2011 [permalink]

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