Sex Club


Well, a search on informed me that the was a sex club less than a quarter mile from were I lived.  Curiosity got the better of me and I found myself there last evening. I paid a cover and disrobed.  According to the rules men are naked and women wear lingerie. The hostess walked a group of us around a huge house and explained the rules.  The bottom floor had a dancefloor and bar  where people mingled.  Upstairs was where couples got naughty.  There was a pool and jacuzzi in the back yard and as well as a large guest house.  It was like a huge house party.  There was fried chicken and salad.  I found myself talking to a cute woman, didn’t quite work up enough courage to ask if she wanted to play upstairs though.

I further explored the house and there was a “glory hole.”  Men were sticking there penises into a little hole to be serviced.  I observed this with morbid curiosity but was unable to muster the courage to give it a go–for who knows what lurks beyond the glory hole….

The novelty of the place was wearing off and I was thinking of leaving.  I found myself eye to eye with the most attractive woman in the place.  We began speaking and she had a European accent.  She was wearing a see through bikini.  At one point she put her fingers through my hair.  I was caressing her shoulders.  This time, courage was not a problem and I asked if she would like to go upstairs.  She said that wasn’t how she operated but that we could dance a little on the dance floor.

Well, as far as dancing, I’ve got two left feet.  “Laura” (not her name, but this is what I’ll call her) did more of a bump and grind strip tease.  This left me in an excited state.  She then pulled a few of the ladies sitting around onto the floor.  I quickly surveyed the room, the men were to busy looking at the women to care about my boner and the few women who made eye contact with me gave an approving smile.  “Laura” was now dancing with the ladies but would occasionally bump and grind me and caress my body.  More of the men wandered onto the dance floor.

A few moments later, I wandered over to the bar with “Laura.”  She introduced me to her two male “friends.” We uncomfortably shook hands.  The next half hour revolved around “Laura” moving between the rooms on the first floor and each of us trying to follow her without staying on her tail.  I was beginning to wonder if this was some kind of game.  Would she pick the one who somehow pursued her the most intently but least desperately?  Were we all oversteeping her boundaries?  I really wasn’t sure and felt a bit apprehensive.  She would send me some token attention when we were both on the dance floor then give one of the other guys some attention at the bar.

The “game” continued.  At one point, one of the guys waived me over to the bar.  He gave me a menacing look and said that I kept running into him.  Then he patted me on the shoulder and said he was really drunk with a large grin.   My mind was racing.  I was playing a “game” that countless men and women had played over the millenia.  Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the fierce intensity with which they will chase a ball.  All three of us men were rivals but played the role of “buddies.”  We were also very similar in that we desired the same woman.  I was worried that a fight may break out, but against my better judgement I kept playing the “game.”  I couldn’t pull myself away. At this point, I just stayed near the dance floor.  “Laura” hovered between the bar and the dance floor.  She gave me cursory attention then some to the other guys at the bar.  I didn’t have high expectation for the evening but I couldn’t just pull myself away either.

Well, the “game” changed.  A Bride to Be and her Bridesmaids brought the party back to life.   I was still at the dancefloor.  They surrounded the floor.  A few of the Bridesmaids danced with disinterest.  At one point the Bride to Be asked me to shake “it ” for her.  She asked for me to dance closer.  She caressed my chest and then lightly touched my privates.  She was definitely good natured and in high spirits. She said she loved my chest hair but said I should trim my pubes closer.  I told her since we were in a sex club and that this was her last night of freedom that it would be rude if I didn’t offer to take her upstairs.  She thanked me for the offer but gave a non-committal answer.  The evening had well entered into the wee hours of morning.   I found myself engaged in one of the most interesting conversations of my life with the Bachelorette party and a few random fellas.  I didn’t get laid but it was definitely entertaining. 😉

Rock On!

Stoner With A Boner

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