I don’t know why, but this is the Iron Maiden album I can’t stop playing…. maybe it’s the long instrumental sections and blazing solos…. maybe it’s not quite as raw as some of the earlier stuff but not as produced as some of the later stuff (with keyboards.) I guess it’s progressive without being pompous. Somehow, they just got it right. I blast that fucker in my truck all the time.


3 thoughts on “Powerslave

  1. Hell, I put the “2 Minutes to Midnight” riff up there with “Stranglehold” and “Bark at the Moon” for the tastiest riffs of all time. Shit, let’s throw “The Trooper” up there too. It is VERY tough to beat Maiden, particularly if you enjoy history and actually listen to the lyrics. Tool is a little more indirect but as odd as it may sound, I’d classify them both as “Thinking Mens’ Metal.”

  2. I like this band because the lead singer is a historian, and this song “Aces High” is about one of my favorite parts of World War 2.

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