Don’t screw the pooch….

Years back I saw a great movie called The Right Stuff. It went from macho fighter pilots breaking the sound barrier in a lonely desert to the space program. One of the funny phrases was the vulgar “screwing the pooch.”

the definition according to urban dictionary:

to fuck things up royally; originally used by U.S. naval aviators to mean “crash one’s plane into the water”

Well, if my deceased four-legged best friend was able to talk, I’m sure he would’ve retold me his many adventures at the dog park. PUA’s like Style and Mystery couldn’t hold a candle to him. His “game” was of a much higher calibre. He would’ve smugly told me that he screwed the pooch, and she liked it, no loved it. Then he would’ve told me to get him some roast beef. I’m sure I woulda ran to the refrigerator with my head down. He was a cut above….

Oh, and the Sepultura video above–has nothing to do with the this post, I just put it here cuz I like it. In less enlightened places on the web, that is known as a derail. I do what I want, long live freedom of speech!

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