1 Million

no, that’s not my bank balance, that’s the number of pageviews at Feminist Critics.

If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend you check ’em out.

Here’s one where Clarence and I get into it on the comment thread…

Questioning Sexual Slavery

This is where I stumbled onto Feminist Critics after being so “warmy welcomed” (sarcastic voice) at Clarisse Thorne’s article on the PUA Gunwitch at Fministe….


One thing they do that frustrates me is have a NoH thread and a Regular thread…. I guess the idea is to have a “polite” discussion at one place and a more visceral one at another place. For me, it is a little frustrating as I find myself crisscrossing between two parallel threads… hahaha, I just couldn’t resist criticizing the Feminist Critics. 😉

2 thoughts on “1 Million

    1. Thanks for stopping by….

      I actually had to look that one up:

      [edit] Interjection


      (fencing) An acknowledgement of a hit.
      An acknowledgement of the success, appropriateness or superiority of an argument, sometimes used sarcastically to mock one’s opponent’s absurd logic.

      How do you know you’re a woman? Have you ever checked? – Touché..

      Used in a conversation or debate to concede a point as true, often in response to a successful counter of one’s own logic.

      “Maybe I could tell her the car was stolen?” “Or maybe you could tell her the truth?” “Touché!”


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