Quiet Riot Girl’s article at TGMP, my comment in moderation…

Quiet Riot Girl is an interesting author who writes about gender without the lense of Feminism. That seems to be somewhat rare. She just got an article posted at TGMP. While I have not been impressed with their overall direction, it is great that they are open enough to ad QRG to their list of authors.

I left a comment, I’m posting it here for posterity’s sake as it is in moderation. Who knows maybe it is because I added two links and it looked like spam… …maybe it is because certain previous authors didn’t like me calling them out and I am now “blacklisted.” 😉

–update, comment is no longer in moderation and on the board as well as a trackback to this article–

Hiya Quiet Riot Girl,

The “Against Feminisms” –a great article as I have said in various place before.

….in arguments with feminists they will rightly point out that it is mostly men in positions of power. Androcracy is, I believe the term for this. However they conflate that to mean that men are the “ruling” class whereas women are the “oppressed” class. The problem with this is the average man has little more (if any) power/privilege than the average women and infact, there are measurable markers where the average man is worse off. One being that men have lower life expectancies.

We can see how many feminists disregard “male problems” as unimportant. This was pretty clear with Amanda Marcotte’s harsh treatment of “nice guys.” Many MRA’s are constantly demonized even though they may raise valid points. One example of this is David Futrelle and his manboobz site. Yes, there are MRA’s who make misogynistic statements, there are also feminists who make misandrist statements…. Interestingly enough, this occurred on one of Clarisse Thorne’s articles. It was interesting to see how she “selectively” moderated. Anyone critical of feminism, regardless of how valid the point raised got the banhammer. Still, she allowed personal attacks from the less rational ranks of the feminists. Ironically, it was one of these threads where I became aware of Quiet Riot Girl as she was being dogpiled on.

As far as the Slutwalk and Rape Culture, I will let people more intelligent than myself argue about that. I do support the participants right to march in Slutwalk as I am an advocate of free speech and expression. What I will say, is Most Men Aren’t Rapists.

From the Yes Means Yes Blog:


The author indicates that there are multiple ways to read the statistics so there is a great deal of room for debate…

“Lots of smart people will take a lot of different things away from this research on undetected rapists, and on more research that will hopefully follow.”

He also states: “Just 4% of the men surveyed committed over 400 attempted or completed rapes.”

and later says, “If we could eliminate the men who rape again and again and again, a quarter of the violence against women and children would disappear. That’s the public policy implication.”

I don’t have a simple answer for this, psychology may say that a small bunch of “sociopath’s” are the “bad apple’s.” However, it is not most men conspiring against women. I believe this is one area where men get lumped together. There are bad guys who aren’t representative of most men. They do a great deal of damage. In contained situations such as prison or the military, you also see rape committed against men in large numbers. http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2011/04/03/the-military-s-secret-shame.html

What I do appreciate most about Quiet Riot Girl’s analysis is looking at gender without the “feminist critique.” Feminism seems to have been the dominate voice on gender studies for longer than I have been alive and I think it is time for others viewpoints.

Rock On!

Stoner With a Boner

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