Well, I’ve been going to different places in the blogshpere and getting in a few arguments here and there. On thing that keeps coming up, people will say, “Oh, your so privileged, go educate yourself.” Then they will tell me “privilege” is something I just have and that I am blind to my own “privilege.”

Being a little confused, I went to an online dictionary and here’s what it read: a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor : prerogative; especially : such a right or immunity attached specifically to a position or an office

Strange, so someone tells me I have privilege, but I am blind to it. They get mad if I suggest they have privilege. Isn’t it, however, equally possible because according to their rules, they would be blind to it. I don’t know, it just seems like another cheap tactic to shut down a legitimate point of view…..

3 thoughts on “Privilege??????

  1. It’s very simple, dude:

    All men have an Invisible Privilege Monster lurking under their beds.

    If you don’t see it? That means your Invisible Privilege Monster is HUUUUUUGE! You’re treated like a God but you don’t even know it.

    Women? Well, they genuinely don’t have a corresponding Invisible Privilege Monster under their beds. They know it’s not there because they can’t see it.

    Fortunately, feminists have their own special goggles that allow them to spot such monsters. And they’re always generously informing men about their Invisible Monsters in non-resentful, non-accusational ways.

    In fact, feminists are so nice, they’ll even allow you to pay them a fine for possessing the Invisible Privilege Monster that you didn’t know you had!

    So you’d better start writing out some checks.

  2. I think the issue is that if you’re speaking of privilege in terms of gender discussion, men are going to see women as having it easier because all they see are the privileges women have, whereas women see men as having it easier because all they see are he privileges men have.

    And sometimes the privileges each gender is thinking of aren’t really true privileges to that respective gender. ie easy sex for women isn’t really a privilege because engaging in it hurts you in the long run, ie high status jobs might not always be a privilege for men because they can be high risk, highly stressful, and can have a negative impact on family life.

    But each side is only going to think the grass is greener. The privilege discussion is just going to result in two people pointing their fingers at each other. I’ve been there.

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