A Must Read…..

I just finished reading Simon Rierdon’s article about Female Infanticide.”

Here’s some background info on the topic.

Simon ties this in with the riots that are currently going on and makes the claim that a large number of men with low employment prospects and no chance of marriage can be extremely dangerous for the stability of society.

Anyways, I’m surprised to find an article like this in this area of the manosphere. I guess all the Feminists are too busy saying that a guy who approaches a girl in an elevator is a misogynist. Even more so if she accepts his advances but he doesn’t go down on her.

“Makes me mad, cause it makes me sad but I don’t care why…”

5 thoughts on “A Must Read…..

  1. Thanks for the ping, but you were the one that sent me the link that really brought the concept that I was looking for together. I really have to give you credit for that, I’d been trying to get the concepts of that article together for months and you gave me the final piece. Again thanks.

  2. one of ur other posts mentioned an idiotic guy who made a left turn into you when driving…. what car was he driving and in what city was this bc that might have been me lol….

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