Different Sides of the Same Coin…

Alright, well I’ve done a bit of reading in all kinds of places in the blogsphere–there are some seriously bigoted feminists who hide behind their “movement” and accuse anyone who doesn’t unflinchingly agree with them of being a misogynist….

Well, for every one of them, there is their equal in the manosphere….

Here’s the game- for every feminazi I can find, I’ll pair ’em up to someone equally as horrible in the manosphere.

Round 1-Hugo Schwyzer and Roissy/Heartiste-


Hugo Schwyzer is a tenured college professor who has bragged about banging students on his desk and proclaims to be a male feminist. Prof. Skeezer seems to think that men never have problems and are always the cause of women’s problems. He talks about cuckolding another man and sees nothing wrong with his actions. Seems like he’s had his fun with the ladies, yet he will harshly critique men of lower status. If you read his blog, you may notice how he speaks wth authority but magically closes the thread when one brings up legitimate points that he is unwilling or unable to address.

Toysoldier states,”The irony of all this is that these feminists do this to men as they complain about people doing the same thing to women. None of the dozens of posts Hugo wrote about women holds women responsible for anything they experience, whether it is something done to women or something women do to other people. It is not just a double standard. It is the result of an unrelenting assuredness coming straight out of abject bias against men. That kind of open bigotry never fixes problems. It only worsens them and leads to people writing their convoluted theories on double-sided chalk boards.”


Roissy/Heartiste seems to be a legendary hero in the manosphere. Lonely men proclaim their hearts get trampled less because what he has taught about “game.” Now I can see how a woman being hit on by a PUA with stinky breathe might be offended–I can even see how some onlookers could consider this whole subculture misogynistic and with f*ckers like Gunwitch, I’m not prone to disagree. But this whole PUA scene at it’s core is really anti-male. Yes, I said anti-male. At the end of the day, it just placates crappy behavior from women. Alekk Novy has a great article. These shysters are ready to sell men with deficits in social skills crappy advice for a quick buck. Love-shy.com is a resource for the involuntarily celibate. It has very mixed reviews of PUA’s stating “as several Love-shy.com members have spent thousands of dollars on pickup artist classes only to be left in the same love-shy rut.”

Well, the website that was once Roissy in DC is now Heartiste. And this site doesn’t charge money. So what is this dickhead doing this for? Validation? Maybe to give insecure men crappy advice and take pleasure in their struggles. Who is this weirdo anyways? I don’t know if this is the real Roissy, but this is what Lady Rain says about him “Unfortunately, the men he is preying upon don’t realize that he is NOT out to help them, NOT out “offer advice”, but out ONLY to reassure himself in his aging, middle-aged, desperation…..that ANYONE still wants to hear what he has to say. You all know the expression “Well….if I’m going down….I’m taking everyone with me.” THAT is exactly what Roissy’s “Game” advice to men is.”


Now my analysis is that these two “men” are far more alike than different. They may claim to love women and surely put them up on a pedestal. However, at the end of the day, they are self serving, selfish and narcissistic. Despite what either may say, they seem to support a worldview where they are the center of the universe, women are second class and all other men are a much lower caste. Any man looking for help is best advised to seek someone not looking to do harm. I don’t think I can recommend either of these two loonies in good conscience….