Lights out…..

It was a hot one so I took myself to the beach…

Someone told me that all the power was out-I guess everyone had the AC cranked and overwhelmed the grid. Decided to stay at the beach until dark–didn’t want to deal with rush hour with no traffic lights. I almost felt like I was in a zombie movie–a bit eerie. Maybe it was all the reading about flash mobs in the manosphere but I quickly drove through the ghetto to see what was happening. Lots of cop cars at big intersections… a few kids darting through the street… Got back into my neck of the woods. Noticed the moonlight without any other lights.
Stood outside as things raced through my mind… Maybe the East Coast got nuked, hehe…. Maybe all hell was gonna break loose… A little bit of fear, a little bit of loneliness, but something in me felt so alive. I noticed a quiet without music, without video games, without internet….

Took a walk. Some parts of the street were like a ghost town. Some people had bonfires, some were listening to the radio in their cars. Found a small market that was open. The isles were packed with people illuminating the shelves with their cell phones. The cops pulled up and made the workers show their ID’s-I suppose they were afraid of looters… I got myself a crappy Pabst beer (ya hipster) and a can of Ravioli’s. I was looking forward to eating the Ravioli’s under the moonlight but unfortunately the lights came back on. Back to the grind….