Lick That Kitty Followup

Here’s a comment I left at Feminist Critics related to the first Lick That Kitty article.

“Stoner With a Boner
September 21, 2011 at 12:14 am

I wrote this brief article in reference to Jill and Amanda’s quotes:

I couldn’t help but putt a shoutout to Dimebag Darrell as he had an awesome beard.

I do also think there is some kind of assault on masculinity in a dislike of beards. I can understand how some women don’t like the feel of them, but yeah, the pressure to conform to her standards? I also think that’s why Dimebag had such an image as a rebel-he wasn’t following the corporate business casual dresscode or playing by the rules to get laid by mainstream women. (And I’m sure he got plenty 😉 )

To analyze things further:

As far as Jill’s Dealbreakers. Well I can understand how someone might desire certain sex acts. I also think it is wrong for someone to aggressively push their needs onto someone else who is reluctant. It would be up to the couple to discuss and negotiate their boundaries. If they could never reach an agreement, that is one thing if one of them moved on. However, calling someone a misogynist seems like a manipulative bullying move. It seems to say I want this and you owe it to me. Would a women who didn’t give bl*w jobs be considered a misandrist? I don’ think so and since many Feminists claim that word doesn’t even exist….

Back to the beard thing. Sure, a man can opt to shave it off. But some men, perhaps Sikhs use it as part of their identity. Also some men may hide facial imperfections such as a double chin with this. (And if this seems deceptive-let me remind everyone that women can hide large ears with longer hair if they so choose-I won’t even bring up makeup.) Now I am getting into politically incorrect territory here and I might say something that might be offensive to some men as well as women. If a man had a “No Fat Chicks” bumpersticker, I think even non-feminist mainstream women might call him a misogynist if not a jerk. However, isn’t being overweight a lifestyle choice. Granted, it’s not the same choice as what to wear in the morning but it is lifestyle choices of exercise and diet compounded over months and years. Understood that there are people out there with metabolism problems that can’t lose the weight but the point still holds for the majority. Isn’t the man with the bumpersticker merely voicing a preference, even if rudely?

I understand others might not come to the same conclusion, but this brand of Feminism doesn’t seem to be about justice and equality from my point of view. It seems to be about entitlement and saying I want this so I should have it. There seems to be an element of bullying–hence the hate on Nice Guys and nerds.”

2 thoughts on “Lick That Kitty Followup

  1. You know what’s odd. I’ve always loved licking pussy. I really do. It’s not an exaggeration to say sometimes I enjoy it more than intercourse. I don’t mind admitting it. I LOVE LICKING PUSSY.

    But, by Jill’s standards I’m a flaming misogynist. Then how can I be so fond of licking pussy? It’s a contradiction.

    Is she saying that I’m a misogynist for the rest of the day, but when I lick that pussy I become a non-misogynist? But isn’t being a misogynist a character trait and not a behaviour?

    Or is she saying I’m a misogynist who loves to lick pussy? But if that’s true, then like or dislike of pussy-licking can’t be a barometer of misogyny. Because I love it, yet I’m an MRA.

    So… How does she put those inconsistencies together?

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