well, since it’s basically a two party system in the “Good Ole'” USofA, I’m kind of fucked…..

You see, I can’t vote Republican—I’m not rich enough or white enough and I don’t bow down to Jesus….

You see, I can’t vote Democrat—I like guns and pickup trucks and I also have a pair of testicles….

Well I’m against the wars and I’m also against the bailouts….

Fuck the Teabaggers–they’d let me die since I don’t have health insurance.

Fuck the Libertarians-they talk about equal taxation, but somehow I just think that means a bigger bill for me.

Fuck the Conservatives-they’d gladly send me to die in some shitty war for oil.

Fuck the Liberals-they pretend to be about equality but they look down on you if you don’t have the right piece of paper from some overpriced university.

Fuck the Feminists-they pretend to be about equality but they’d gladly throw me under the bus because my chromosomes are XY.

Fuck the MRM-they pretend to be pro men but somehow I don’t think they want to give me more liberty and freedom, seems like they want to return to the 1950’s.

Fuck the Gays-don’t look down on me just because I didn’t go to your stupid parade or vote for your stupid proposition and stop starring at my butt.

Lastly, Fuck You White Power types-what did this “halfbreed” ever do to you? Oh, I get it your afraid I’ll sleep with “your” women….

—end of rant, goddamnit, that felt good.

4 thoughts on “Politics….

  1. Hey, what about Occupy Wall Street?

    Fuck them, too, for their misandrist co-opting of anti-banker sentiment, turning it into ‘dammit I’m entitled because I’m woman waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ sentiment, with their ‘I am the 99%’ placards.

  2. Explore our interesting new blog, too, fidelbogen. And spread the word. πŸ™‚

    Shameless plug, yes. (I’d say sorry, stoner, except I’m not. Cheers!)

    (Counter-Feminist: I’m the Red-Pill-taker so-con guy who ‘gets it’, remember me? And our convo with that Catholic woman, trent13, way back?)

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