Might surprise some, but I dig the outdoors. This weekend I took myself on a long hike. Love the road less traveled. Sometimes that can be great. Sometimes I find cool stuff. This time, nah….

Should’ve stayed on the “official” trails. Walked down a hill. All of the sudden I was surrounded by bees. Started running. Tore off my shirt to whisk ’em away. Mutherfuckers started stinging. I was shit scared-terrified even. One sting after another. Pulled a stinger outta my arm. Breathless–tears running down my cheeks. Made my way back to my truck. Started to calm down a bit. I had stings everywhere, even on my scalp. Was I in shock? Was I supposed to drive to the hospital?

Got back home. Read on the ‘net that ammonia and baking soda were good for bee stings. Wiped myself down with ammonia. The hard smell opened my sinuses. Jumped in the tub, took some baking soda and rubbed my wounds. After doing a quick count I estimated 15-20 stings. I felt beat up but realized that I was excruciatingly hungry. Got dressed. Went to a Vietnamese restaurant. Started eating a big bowl of Pho. For those who don’t know, it’s basically chicken soup with vermicelli noddles that you can hot rod with hot sauce, jalapenoes and soy sauce.

Now here’s where things get strange. As I was eating my hot rodded Pho, I realized I was feeling very good. I still felt beat up. I was still in a world of hurt. But overall, I was in an amazing mood. Maybe there is some chemical in bee stingers that produces euphoric effects. I have heard some people get a “high” after getting tattooed. Maybe I was experiencing something similar.

After such a crappy day, it was ironic that I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

3 thoughts on “Pain….

  1. This story put a small smile on my face too. My apologies but it reminded me of a buddy of mine running down a hill with myself and another friend about 50 feet away. As he neared the bottom he tried to slow himself down by grabbing a tree and swinging himself around it, he then unintentionally knocked a bee’s nest off a lower branch with his head. All I remember is my buddy and I running like the wind and laughing our asses off as our friend kept yelling, Ouch, ouch, oh fuck, ouch. 🙂
    After we stopped about 500yds away I got stung for the first time in my life on my wrist. Unfortunately my friend got nailed about 13 times.

  2. Bee venom has been a traditional medicine for thousands of years and in modern times it has been found to be effective against multiple sclerosis.

    Like many other neurotoxic substances (i.e. tobacco, alcohol, anddd smoking the reefer) bee venom has certain beneficial effects if the dose is not excessive.

    My guess why:
    I forces an immune response in areas the body habitually ignores.
    In other words: sort of like forcing a complacent immune system to do some bicep curls and go out for a jog.

    Also, it’s no coincidence that some form of chicken broth is a cure for sickness all over the world.
    And what makes a broth particularly effective is using various bones, and with poultry, especially the feet. Asians are much more likely to do this than Campbell’s.

    Furthermore, chili peppers are useful as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain killer.
    I would not be surprised if your pho contained some measure of ginger which along with garlic and turmeric and are among the more powerful anti-inflammatory foods.

    I might also add that you were likely getting flooded with endorphins, your brain’s natural painkillers.

    In short,Cannabis erectus, your observations are not without merit.

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