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  1. Dear Stoner,

    I know this might sound like whining about ban hammers and the like, but The Good Man Project Magazine has taken it into their heads to give radical anti-orgasm bloggers Gary Wilson and Marnia Robinson complete editorial control over the comments section on the articles they produce for TGMP and, predictably, the couple is using this squelch any critical commentary about their articles. I’ve written a blog post describing the situation from my point of view on my blog, here:

    If you feel the same way as I do, please tell your readers and stick in a link to my article, if it’s not against your own editorial policies.

    You may not be aware of Wilson and Robinson’s opinions on sex, which they are vociferously pushing all across the bloggosphere. In a nutshell, they believe that orgasms are bad because they can “addict”, that porn is worse because it causes one to masturbate to orgasm and that internet porn (anything that causes sexual feelings on the internet) is the worst of all because it causes us all to masturbate non-stop like monkeys in a cage.

    I have no problems with TGMP giving Robinson and Wilson a place to air their theories. I have no problems with being censored (as I was a few weeks ago) when I overstep the bounds of polite conversation and start in with ad hominems.

    I think it’s very disturbing, however, that TGMP should give Garnia (as I call the couple) complete control over the comments column on the articles they publish in TGMP. Garnia classify any criticism of their views as an “ad hominem attack questioning their credentials”. The consequent lack of critique regarding their articles adds immensely to the sense of “unquestionable scientific proof” with which Wilson and Robinson try to cloak their theories and oppinions.

    If you’d like to take a more pro-active approach against this sort of thing, please e-mail TGMP CEO and editor-in-chief Lisa Hickey, asking her to rethink her policy on this point:

    Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette

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