Fun Game at Manboobz….

Mr. Futrelle suggested people make up new names for the MRA acronym….

alright, alright, I’ll join the game even though neither a Feminist nor MRA should I be….

Mangina Resistance Association

Masturbation Retardant Accelerant

Manboobz Recalcitrant Anonymizer

Mendicant Rebellious Alliance

Massage Repellent Asphyxiant

Morbid Realization Assistant

Mass Rescues Ass

Myopic Repulsion Allegiance

Megalomaniac Requiem Apostate

Mystic Rebellion Aquarium

Mend Ridiculous Attitude

Manage Retarded Assumptions

I know, I know, some sound like crusty punk grind bands and some like some weird Zappa side project from the 70′s and hopefully one or two sound like some kind of Star Wars obscure reference….

Warning, the above video contains much Manboobage-perhaps the final war between Mr. Futrelle and the MRA Legions of Doom.

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