another crappy article by Hugo Skeezer…

Well, if I had bulimia, I’d regularly read this guy’s stuff-it makes me want to puke….

“Why is it that men are always guilty until proven innocent? I know there are some “bad guys” out there, but it is incredibly hurtful to me that women won’t smile at me in the hallways or on the street because they have lumped me in with all the others! I get so tired of paying the price—in terms of women’s mistrust—for other men’s failures and betrayals and bad behavior. Why can’t women see what a good guy I am?”

Well, Hugo Skeezer, maybe YOU ARE one of those guys…. I’m not the one who banged students on my desk during office hours. I’m not the one who almost killed a lover in a drug fueled rage. No, Mr. Skeezer, you did that–I read it on YOUR blog. Funny how you and your cronies love to berate other males as all of societies problems. Funny how you and your cronies love to make fun of males with social difficulties as “Nice Guys TM.” No, it’s obvious you give not a rat’s ass about males of low status. Heck, counter to your claims I don’t think you care about most women. How come I never hear your ilk talk about female infanticide in crappy countries like India and China? Is it because it goes counter to your dream of an abortion clinic on every street corner? Or is it because you have some kind of fake liberal PC thing going where you can’t critique the injustices in other cultures because that would be “wrong.” Or maybe you don’t care about them because they are not in your state subsidized Feminazi indoctrination, ah, I mean Women’s Studies Courses.

I already know what the comeback is. “You are a pathetic, bitter, small dicked male. The only reason you care about female infanticide is that the only way you’ll get an attractive, caring wife is by importing her from a third world country.” Whatever, I see right through you….

One thought on “another crappy article by Hugo Skeezer…

  1. I didn’t realise it was by Hugo Fagly Feminist Schwyzer but it certainly is his kind of style.

    His determination to prove he is a ‘good man’ by slagging off all those other ‘bad men’ is getting tiresome.

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