I’m now in the bigtime!

Mr. Fucktreele, ah, Futrelle quoted part of something I posted at Inmalafide.
The complete quote was:

Stoner With a Boner December 7, 2011 at 10:16 pm

“Are my ideas any more “reprehensible” or “inhumane” than game? If not- then please shut up.

Otherwise tell me what makes them more “unacceptable”??(quoting Advocatus Diaboli)

Personally, I find the idea of clocking more hours at a job I hate just to hand $200 to a prostitute who would probably leave me dying in the street rather than help degrading….

I also find the idea of paying some dickhead like roissy or roosh money to learn game degrading.

If the MRM wants to be anything more than a bunch of pathetic whiners, they should advocate the idea that a male is more than a fucking walking atm machine–the only addendum I’ll ad is that if you do make a baby with someone, you should be paying for said baby until they are 18.

(my words)


The original post was at Advocatus Diaboli’s controversial Pooning on a Tight Budget

now, it has been speculated by many that AD is actually Ferdinand Bardamu’s sockpuppet. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I figured I’d have some fun and write up an analysis of him….

Stoner With a Boner December 8, 2011 at 3:56 am

time to psychoanalyze durty diablo—-

hahahahahahahahahaha, this’ll be interesting…..

why does he go to prostitutes? maybe cause he has mommy issues and nobody loves him. The simple answer would be to get a dog, but as I am not for animal abuse, I hope he doesn’t as he seems mean. He may be lonely, but he has all of us mocking him and responding to his posts to take care of that. He secretly craves attention. If it was only sex, he could probably find other ways or even if prostitutes was his only option, he wouldn’t have to brag about it. No, he brags for other reasons…

One might think he is doing this for validation. He is hoping others will approve of his actions. This does not seem to be the case–see the derisive comments and how he always comes back for more. Perhaps he is doing this for empathy and he wants to give other men who face involuntary celibacy options on how to deal with their situation. I think not, see above why he shouldn’t have a dog–he seems mean. He would gleefully laugh at other males misfortune.

Interestingly enough, Brett Stevens has an article discussing Feelings and saying they are unimportant. Well, feelings dominate the world of hideous Diablo. He often talks in what is in my estimation an covetous voice about sociopaths. He only wishes he could be calm, collected and heartless as they are. He is petty, envious and irascible-still this is not the core driving emotion. Our “beloved” blogger is driven by resentment.

Yes, resentment. Money is of little consequence to vindictive Diablo, he has whatever overpaying techie type job smelly guys with poor social skills and overpriced degrees get these days. He gladly parts with his cash to gain access to vaginas and whatever other orifices he may partake in. Perhaps he found being rejected by girls a soul crushing experience. Perhaps it was a blow to his fragile ego and tattered self-esteem. Perhaps many of us could empathize, but he chooses to alienate potential allies. He parts with money to hook up with women to avoid being made fun of to his face. Even though they surely make fun of him after he pays, he cares little. But it is resentment that brings him back again and again. Since he is paying these women often large sums, he is actually on the losing side of this interaction. He is really quite powerless in many ways. Haha, impotent is a word that might come to mind but he buys pills to take care of that-yes I did read his posts about boner pills and how to get a prescription…

Quoted from the Great Wiki:

“Robert C. Solomon, a professor of continental philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, places resentment on the same line-continuum with contempt and anger. According to him, the differences between the three emotions are as follows: resentment is directed towards higher-status individuals, anger is directed towards equal-status individuals and contempt is directed towards lower-status individuals.”

Now, look at the responses to his posts. The word pathetic comes up allot. This would suggest his low status despite high education. He is worthy of contempt. Why is this so? He keeps on blabbering about the same slights weather real or imagined. He is such a hostile, despicable character as to prevent us from feeling sympathy for his misfortune and lousy lot in life. He reminds us of part of ourselves that isn’t so kind. It is the part that see’s a car wreck and instead of looking out and thinking “I hope he is alright”–it brings out something a little darker. It brings out that part of us that says, “Poor bastard, better him than me.”

Now of the more perceptive among us, you may see the negative feedback loop we are in. Diablo craves our attention. We get to look upon his wretchedness and feel better about ourselves if even only fleetingly. Diablo feels worse, thus buying more sex in an attempt to feel better. Then he writes more and we respond more. The ethical thing to do would be to ignore his rantings and ravings. Surely we are not ethical folks in these parts-we enable Diablo in his downward spiral and damnit, it is fun!


But the clinger of this is my “prediction…”

Stoner With a Boner December 7, 2011 at 10:04 pm

…and, this article is so silly that it seems like it’s just trying to bait Mr. Futrelle and all his manboobies………


trenchant wisdom indeed!

4 thoughts on “I’m now in the bigtime!

  1. Hold your head high, mate.

    Even most of the assholes on that thread are better people than Mr. Futrelle and SOME of his crew.
    I can respect an honest bigot or asshole. It’s people who convince themselves they aren’t, who are the biggest menace- they never take a look at themselves.

  2. Stoner – just wanted to drive by and congratulate you for being showcased on Mantits’ site. The funniest part is all the squawking about A.D.’s cash-for-poon financial aid program. The idea of a guy getting laid without ‘social proof’ from those shrikes is enough to make their heads explode.

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