Some Creepy Quotes By Amanda Marcotte

“It’s a real shame to see that a steady campaign of misogynist blather from so-called “men’s rights activists” in the comments at Good Men Project has poisoned founder Tom Matlack’s mind. Personally, I’m a big fan of just banning MRAs. They have nothing of value to add to a conversation, and exist online solely to disrupt any conversation they fear might lead others towards reaching the conclusion that women are people….”

The Good Men Project I Used To Know

Well, maybe when she talks about the fact that men live shorter lives on average, that there is less funding for prostate cancer, it is only males that are required to sign up for Selective Service-then she might get some sympathy from me. However, it just seems like a tactic to shut out voices you’d rather not hear. Oh, anyone complaining about men’s (statistically provable) problems is “mansplainin’,”an MRA, an uneducated backwoods misogynist. Sorry, I’ve read a bunch of her stuff and at this point, I don’t think she is arguing in good faith. Ironic how those looking to uncritically push an ideology seem to love censorship…. Now, we could get into a huge argument whether men or women have it worse. I’m not willing to do that, mostly because I don’t think it will be productive. But I will say that when you are at The Good Men Project, a site that purports to be about men, I don’t think you should be silencing living breathing men and telling them they aren’t allowed to have problems due to “privilege” or some other sort of argument.

Now here is another one I find problematic.

“…In addition, women who find themselves in heterosexual relationships where they have more sexual desire than their partners, whether temporarily or just in general, often take being rejected for sex or being put upon to initiate it most of the time very hard on their self-esteem. If you believe that “men want it more”, that he doesn’t want it as often as you gets interpreted as “I’m boring” or “I’m unattractive”. Because there’s very little cultural room to talk about this problem, women in this situation have very little chance at getting relief or setting themselves straight.”
Sex addiction and avoiding gender essentialism

Now, the thing that is a bit ironic is how she will call shy, insecure men unable to even get in relationships “megadouches.” and, one has to wonder if fans of the band MegaDeth can also be referred to as MegaDouche’s. 😉

Her response to Miguel Blomfontosis’s article went something like this…

“Shyness doesn’t make you nice. It just makes you Nice®. I have known many people who are shy assholes, who both hate other people and retreat from them, which actually makes a lot of sense.”

Seriously, there’s nothing nice about Nice Guys®

….and that was about the nicest thing she said in the entire article….

Now she had another article about Christopher Hitchens…

She stated,

“I wish that he and the men who are like him that are still around could apply the same rigorous thinking to their own prejudices. Ours would be a better world for it. That is all. ”

Obligatory post on Christopher Hitchens

Well, I’d like to turn that one around to her and her “allies” like Hugo Schwyzer.

3 thoughts on “Some Creepy Quotes By Amanda Marcotte

  1. I like how you keep bringing up amanda’s paragraph about initiation-rejection sucking for women.

    When you mentioned it on FM, I was like, I gotta save this in my resources file. It just says a lot about their world view and hipocrisy.

    Even the supposedly “open minded” femmies like clarisse thorn do it too…

    The supposed “open minded clarisse” has an entire piece about how much rejection sucks for women and how that’s a valid excuse to keep 11th century gender roles, where women take none of the risks. Aside from that excuse, in her GMP piece she had like a dozen other excuses, and they all shared the same blind spot. They all were written with the assumption that certain things are valid excuses for women, whereas if men do or say the same things, that makes the men pathetic losers who need to man up.

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