Stop whining, you pathetic little man…..

Well, I was reading controversial and creepy Advocatus Diaboli’s blog entry Why CONservatives are Afraid of “Whiners” I’m unsure if Advocatus Diaboli is Ferdidnand Bardamu’s sockpuppet or maybe a joker living in his mom’s basement. However, for all his insults and inane ramblings, I believe he is ultimately trying to undermine systems of control. His post states:

“My theory is that CONservatives are afraid of others complaining because those complaints might resonate with more people and derail their scams…”

“…The standard overt way of doing so involves labeling those who openly question the system as heretics, rebels, dissidents etc. But what is to be done of very obvious grievances and problems which simply cannot be wished away by invoking any of the standard overt methods of discrediting the complainers?

The CONservative answer to that is to label such people as “whiners”.

Note, just like bigots such as David Futrelle and Amanda Marcotte think they are cutesy wootsie by calling men with poor social skills/social anxiety “Nice Guys TM,” Mr. Diaboli thinks he is cutesy wootsie by calling Conservatives CONservatives and Liberals LIEberals.

Now, I am neither a Feminist nor an MRA. I have seen Feminist’s talk about how MRA’s supposedly “derail” the conversation whenever they take it in a direction they don’t like. In fact, if you go to urban dictionary, you might find this definition of MRA’s:“A bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast Illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs the majority of the world.” It is interesting how the default response is to call men who complain whiners. I believe this tactic is particularly aimed at men because they are expected to be stoic, to “man up.” They are not expected to talk about their problems because that would be “weakness.” So while they may have legitimate things to talk about, it is easy for their critics to attack.

A great response comes from Thaddeus Blanchette:”It seems to me that those who dislike the MRAs are willing to change their arguments at the drop of a hat on this one, depending on whether or not they want their listeners to believe that MRAs should be ignored or are a threat. The underlying point of view, however, is apparently the same: MRAs are toxic and noxious and should go away. If they don’t go away on their own (because they are simply complainers and not doers), then we need to mobilize to make them go away.”

Now, no matter where you may stand in a debate. If someone accuses you of being a “whiner,” if someone says they don’t like your “tone,” maybe you should reply as civilly as possible with as many statistics as possible and say, “I’ve been trying to debate in good faith but I don’t believe I’m being given the same benefit.”

6 thoughts on “Stop whining, you pathetic little man…..

  1. This is a very nice post, and I only disagree with the last paragraph.

    I’m afraid that bullies do not care about rationality or civility. This is the case with literally every feminist website I’ve ever observed. Take Manboobz, for instance. If a poster dares to disagree with any aspect of the feminist mantra, they are immediately piled on, mocked, and insulted by multiple feminists. It doesn’t matter how civil or hostile their tone is, how logical or illogical their arguments. The same result occurs.

    No debate is possible with staunch ideologues.

    1. ‘I feel your pain.’
      Thank-you. I wish I had read this before I (foolishly) submitted a comment onto Futrelle’s site – ironically, agreeing with a portion of one of his pieces; but no matter- if you don’t agree with EVERYTHING he’s ever said EXACTLY, all the time then watch out! It’s not that Futrelle and his cronies are obnoxious and self-righteous; but it would be less noticeable if he was an equal-opportunity zealot. Nope: If you disagree with him, you’re just a privileged male whiner. Right or wrong, Futrelle does nothing to elevate the conversation, or to promote honest dialogue between opposing viewpoints; he’s down in the mud with the extremists and misogynists that he’s trying to ‘mock’ and he seems to like it there.

  2. MRAs are fond of pointing out feminist whining and victim mentality, and in many cases are absolutely right.

    But do they counter this with objectivity, with calm and reasoned arguments? No, in most cases they act as a caricature of the very behaviour they call out the feminists on. Casting their entire gender as innocent victims while demonising women indiscriminately for the actions of individuals.

    Though men’s issues are undeniably important, the more you see of the MRA the more it seems you can sum up their entire output as “I know you are, but what am I?”

    1. Sorry, meant to add: while it’s easy for feminists to just automatically tar all MRAs with the ‘whiner’ brush, many of them seem to be taking great pains to bring it upon themselves.

      1. well, for the record I identify neither as MRA nor Feminist. so, without knowing specifically which arguments you are referencing, I will say that from my point of view, I have seen problematic statements and arguments from both groups….

  3. “well, for the record I identify neither as MRA nor Feminist. so, without knowing specifically which arguments you are referencing, I will say that from my point of view, I have seen problematic statements and arguments from both groups….”

    I don’t identify as MRA/Feminist either. Don’t get me wrong, I think we basically agree here.

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