How’d Y’all get to my Blog???

Well, I checked the search terms for this week and here’s what came up:

stoner with a boner 6
creepy quotes 5
what is patriarchy 3
amanda marcunt 2
clarisse stonerwithaboner 2
how to keep blood clean 2
disproportionate influence feminism 2…/anal-bleaching 1
see through sex club 1
germaine greer women have no idea how much men hate them 1
james rosser, director of the advanced medical technology institute at beth israel medical center in new york city 1
quote about nice 1
high school asses 1
the color purple misandry 1
seduce walk big ass 1
suck my cock and fucking like it 1
gary wilson 1
cfmn 1
petulant children 1
urban dictionary 1
hillary clinton feminist quote 1
roissy hugo schwyser 1
a crash course in critical thinking 1
creepy quotations 1
roissy 1
“educate yourself” privilege 1
brightstormyday 2012 1
fumiferous alembicated 1
voodoo soup productions 1
the derail 1
patriarchy what is 1
stoner sexuality 1
understanding patriarchy 1
is it ok for a straight guy to get a boner over fit men? 1
why do feminist use the phrase teh menz 1
female boner 1
bullshiter poem 1
amanda marcotte quotes 1
megan milanese 1
don’t screw the pooch meaning 1
stoner striptease 1

I couldn’t make this $h*t up, y’all are a bunch of creepsters 😉 !

3 thoughts on “How’d Y’all get to my Blog???

  1. I was wondering the same thing, even though my blog is found by hundreds of different strings, there’s a ton of “alek Novy” strings, and it makes no sense to me that so many people would be searching my name every day, I’m a relative nobody… Definetely not someone 20-30 new people would search info on every day.

    So I kept wondering “is this a bug?”, “what the fuck is going on here?”

    And then I remembered… See, it has to do with how some people use the Internet. Did you know that there’s a ton of Internet users who never use the address bar and don’t use bookmarks? I’m not kidding.

    These people visit even their favorite sites by typing the name of the site in google… So instead of typing CNN . Com in the Adress bar, they just type “CNN” on google which happens to be their startup page.

    Some of your regulars do that to read your blog. Instead of typing the Adress in the Adress bar, each time they visit, they type the name in google.

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