Male Hypergamy…..

hehe, well, if you are reading this, you’ve probably heard of Female Hypergamy. According to the great wiki “Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up”) is the act or practice of seeking a spouse of higher socioeconomic status, or caste status than oneself.[1]” Now, we’re not in India here, so I’ll refer to what matters in America. Yup, you got it-looks and money. It’s unlikely that I’ll get married but if I do, those are the two base requirements. She has to look better than me and have more money. And, trust me, it isn’t that difficult to find a woman who is better looking than I or who has more money… There it is, there’s my Male Hypergamy at it’s core. I’ve also done a fair amount of reading in the manosphere so I know a detailed pre-nup is essential. Should things go south, I’m willing to walk away, but not with less than I walked in with 😉

Preferred that she be younger than me. Also a good cook will make her more of a “catch.” I love me some chicken masalla, some pho, some curry–oh, yeah some steaks but I can grill those myself…

There’s also the things that don’t come across in the resume format of a blog post-those so-called soft skills. I don’t want a misandrist sociopath who’ll try to cut off my cock while I’m asleep. ….don’t want no meanie (um, I suppose that just narrowed 89.362% of all Feminists out of this arrangement-also those bigoted ladies on the Talk.)

I don’t want kids. My dad was a jerk and I didn’t have a good role model-I don’t really want to see how I’d be as a father. If my hypothetical wife and I find ourselves lonely, I think getting a dog would be a great addition to the family. I suppose I’ve potentially narrowed out any single moms. I’m suspicious of them anyways. Y’know, I might seem like a nicer guy than the one who gave them children, but I’m probably not as “edgey” or having all those douchey traits PUA’s think make men as alpha as the guy she didn’t hold onto. I don’t have kiddies running around that I’m not providing for, so I don’t see why I should pick up some one else’s tab.

You may ask what I would bring to this… Well, I probably wouldn’t cheat. It’s not because of some high morals so much as laziness. I’m single and could go out gaming women nightly. However, I find sitting home listening to tunes and blogging more fun than going out. I will go out to see some good live music two or three times a month. If a really aggressive girlvert tried to game me, I’d probably laugh in her face and tell her to ask my hypothetical wife if she was okay with a threesome 😉

You may ask what else I’d bring into this besides my great humor, questionable intellect and not cheating. Well, I’m in pretty good shape. Not like 6 pack abs or anything but I can hit the mountianbike trails and go hiking for long stretches. Um, and yeah, that brings up another one of my requirements, she must not weigh more than me. Some might say big is beautiful and if I was a fan of gas guzzlin’ SUV’s I might agree. But as far as ladies, that’s not my style….

So Guys and Gals, what’re your core requirements?

6 thoughts on “Male Hypergamy…..

  1. Prenups are good if you’re net worth is super high, otherwise the judge will still probably fuck you. I love girls, the feminine energy, too much to just shut myself off from it and just tap one conduit indefinitely though.

    And yeah, get a dog or something before kids. Most bitches can’t even take of their cat(s!) properly, so you check how she does that shit as a trial run.

  2. Should say, prenups are good if your net worth isn’t super high. I’m heavily caffeinated and not making any sense 😀

  3. This is a good list although I think you are being a bit over the top with the money requirement.
    My list:
    1. Must have strong character, will not abandon me when the going gets tuff.
    2. Height at least 5’5. I’m 5’9.5 & I come from a family of fall people on both sides, so being tall doesn’t impress me.
    3. Most be good with money but not a tight wade.
    4. Must be attractive to my eyes.
    5. Must treat me like I am made of glass, I like chivalry. * shrugs shoulders*
    6. Must not have many tattoos. Preferably none, it’s becoming corny at this point folks. You look like everyone else.
    7. Should not how to cook a few dishes for those days when I am not feeling well.
    8. Be an optimist.
    9. Like cats
    10. *looks around shyly and shispers* likes to eat at the Y every now and then. * black girl blush*

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