More Manboobz Misandry…

Mr. Manboobs bigotry never ceases to amaze me….

He has a terrible article attempting to shame men who use sex toys. Well, sex toys aren’t my thing, so it should seem I wouldn’t care one way or the other–but I think it subtly reveals his biases. Interestingly enough, his “buddy” Hugo Schwyzer wrote an article saying men should be able to use Sex Toys. From the article:

“Volokh suggests that the number one reason has to do with the myth that “real men have sex with real vaginas.” In other words, as he puts it, male masturbation—and especially a “penis sleeve” (what is sometimes pejoratively referred to as a “pocket p**sy”) signals a “lack of sexual success.” Male masturbation, in other words, is about relieving frustration—and for too many people, frustration is a consequence of failure. A sexually successful man should have enough sex (with women, of course, as our myths tend to exclude gay and bi men) that he only rarely gets “frustrated.”

I’ve also seen a few posts at Jezzabel where women proudly talk about vibrators and dildo’s.

Well, I suppose there are different forms of Feminism and some would be of the so-called “sex positive” branch. Maybe Fatrelle isn’t of that branch. Or, maybe he is only sex positive when it comes to women. You don’t hear him making fun of the ladies at Jezzabel for their vibrators. Yeah, I know masturbation is a topic ready made for jokes, I had to resist’s the urge to title this “A Sticky Subject, Mr.Manbobz’s Pocket Pussy, meow, meow…”

I’d give a more benevolent individual the benefit of the doubt. I could see a humored article by someone not looking to disrespect people. But not here. He will intentionally twist people’s words and then put a flashing sarcasm button at the bottom of his page for “plausible deniability.” his minions aren’t beneath saying downright lies in the comments section no matter how viscous they may be. No, he doesn’t get my confidence.

No, I think something else is going on here. I can’t prove this with the rigor a scientist will prove a theory, but I will present my thoughts. You should do the reading and make up your own mind. I believe that he knows what he is doing. He isn’t critiquing the women with vibrators. They are seen as empowered–Exploring their bodies and enjoying themselves. Look, I’ve got no problem with what these ladies are doing behind closed doors. I believe their right to bring themselves to orgasm either with fingers or toys is as inalienable as my right to use mind altering substances. (I think, therefore I am. If I can’t own my own mind and consciousness, how can I own something like property. If I own my own consciousness, it is mine to alter. If I don’t own my consciousness, then any other argument for freedom or ownership of anything is moot.)

Anyways, back to Mr. Manboobz. Why would he want to shame men using sex toys. Why would he hate Men Going Their Own Way? Perhaps he only sees value in men as to what they can do for women. Perhaps he is relying on an old trope that a “Real Man” should go out and get sex and if he can’t do that, then he should just quit whining and work harder at his job (but not too hard, cause doncha know, he’s gotta complain about that wage gap thing and damnit all if a guy actually earned all his money.) So, if he really was for gender equality, he’d have a similar attitude toward women and men who use sex toys. How can one look at one gender and say “You go girl” and then look at the other as if they are pathetic. Well, maybe if he is really just misandrist, he will hide it behind sarcasm and hope the rest of us don’t figure out his double standard. Perhaps he fears men might replace women with toys. Why doesn’t he fear that women might replace men with toys. Oh, that’s right, they’re empowered… Does that bring us back to the “disposable sex”?

6 thoughts on “More Manboobz Misandry…

  1. Perhaps he is relying on an old trope that a “Real Man” should go out and get sex and if he can’t do that, then he should just quit whining and work harder at his job

    And here’s the funny part. The man is supposed to get sex naturally and effortlessly, and if it’s not effortless for him, he shouldn’t try to improve (coz learning through trial & error is creepy), so he should just give up on sex and work like a slave to get women as a provider.

    Feminist’s prescription for men

    -> Go out and see if you get laid easily with women throwing themselves at you

    -> If you don’t get effortlessly laid that means you are a fucking evil creep dumbass and you should FEEL BAD about not getting laid easily (you’re probably a nice guy tm!!)

    -> So REDEEM yourself by providing and sacrificing for women until you earn pussy that way

  2. I see that in the post itself that he tries to argue that he doesn’t think men using sex toys is inherently bad. And I believe him. The problem is doing the very thing he has managed to make a reputation with feminists over.

    Take the extreme end of the MRA spectrum and paint them up as representation of the entire movement.

    From that very thread:
    Holly, I don’t want to imply that sex toys and/or bots or misogynistic, or that it’s shameful for dudes to use them.

    But given the number of MRAs/MGTOWers who hope that sex toys will replace women, I feel obligated to report on the latest developments in this field.

    See he doesn’t want to shame men. He wants to shame MRAs that look forward to sex toy use.

    1. Danny,

      I’m still trying to figure out his “logic.” If he is only trying to shame “extremist” MRA’s and he truly believes they are “misogynistic,” wouldn’t he be happy if they opt out of relationships with women. I mean I’m not personally upset when I hear that some Rad Fem Women want to live away from men. I feel like he shames other men because he can “get away with it.” Partially because his regular commenter’s won’t call him out. (And I’ve pretty much gotten tarred and feathered when I’ve called him out.) And because it is so common to hear men being shamed in the culture at large that few question it….

      1. Futrelles logic is very clear to me.
        The reason most MRAs and some feminists don’t understand him is because, unlike them, he does not actually have a political agenda. He’s not trying to improve the world or empower women in the least; otherwise his behavior would be radically different from what it is.

        No, Futrelles purpose is to profile himself as a leading writer in….well…anything. He simply writes what gets him the most attention and that means jumping on the bandwagon of misandry. He’s absolutely not the first to do that. Almost every politician, journalist and marketer who touched upon gender has done this. The great “advantage” of resorting to misandry is that you don’t actually have to know anything, you don’t have to research, study or learn about people. You can just waffle your way to success because there are always enough people who love hearing it. Really, it’s like porn to these people. That’s why no amount of reasoning or logic or truth will get Futrelle to change – at best it might make him a little more cautious to avoid libel.

        The sad truth is, misandry sells and Futrelle is a misandry salesman. No more and no less.

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