A little while back I saw this movie.

Well, when watching it, I thought the main guy seems like he could be a big manosphere blogger-must’ve been the fancy marketing job, prostitutes, fapping, and, ah, yes the scene where he got blown by a guy. The other prime character is his sister. So, to use the buzzword psychobable, “Brandon” is a “sex addict” and his sister Sissy is I guess Borderline Personality Disorder. I’m not a psychiatrist, so I suppose I shouldn’t make armchair diagnosis of fictional characters….

The line that jumped out at me was when Sissy said to Brandon, “We’re not bad people, we just come from a bad place….”

Damn, that hit a little close to home….

Niether A Feminist nor an MRA Ever Shall I Be

This is reprehensible:

Jury Duty at a Rape Trial? Acquit!

so is this…

Poor Victimised Amanda

so the next time someone tells you (perhaps talks down to you is more appropriate) that they are a part of a social justice movement and act as if they own truth and justice™–maybe you should start asking some hard questions instead of just accepting their lingo. If it seems like they are willing to throw innocent people under the bus because of their “agenda,” you may very well be dealing with a bigot as well as a dangerous person. You just might want to distance yourself from them. Probably the best for your emotional health….

another creepy quote from a Male Feminist Extraodinaire™

Well, I suppose I just wanted to make myself angry, so I went on over to Latin for In Bad Faith. They had an article on a misogynist/misandrist creepster™-lets make this cutesy wootsie for teh interwebz and call him Yugo Schwanz-Hertz-Herr…

(oh, how per se can you be misogynist/misandrist-try to kill a girlfreind in a drug fueled rage, then brag about cuckolding a guy, then brag about banging students on your desk, then write articles saying how awful men are except for you.) –Do I win anything from the grammar nazi’s for run on sentence of the year???–

quoting from a link to his site.

“A short while later, Tom tweeted I really thought the MRA guys were crazy until I engaged the wrath of the feminists. Insane. Though I doubt Tom thought this through clearly, this is the textbook “gaslighting” to which Yashar refers. No feminist had called Tom a name equivalent to the names he (and I) are regularly called by MRAs (“mangina” is the epithet of choice from the Basement Boys); it didn’t matter. Jennifer and Amanda were “insane.”

Seemingly innocuous words often have a profound charge depending on how and by whom they’re used. Tom knows, surely, how problematic it is to use the word “boy” to refer to an African-American. It’s not a curse word in most contexts, but when used by a white person to refer to an adult black male, it’s steeped in the long and painful history of racism in America. What many men fail to understand is that accusing a woman of being insane or of engaging in reprisals merely because she’s expressing forceful disagreement has an equivalent ugliness. If that seems hyperbolic, google the word “hysteria.”

Wait, what….

Did he say referring to black men as boys is racist but he called MRA’s “Basement Boys?” What if some MRA’s are black guys? What if they are mutts like me? Maybe Yugo thinks cause he is a white guy, that only other guys like him matter. Well, now that he can’t spread his hate speech, uh, propaganda at The Good Men Project or Feministe, maybe The White Nationalist Stink Tank or Stormfront will hire him….

Well, maybe I made a big jump in logic, so I suppose I could ask that Manboobz bigot if I can borrow his flashing Sarcasm button and insert the graphic here…

Anyways, it just occurred to me that the real mark of a Male Feminist Extraodinaire™ must be peeing sitting down… Y’know if a woman can’t do it, it must be patriarchal oppression…. Yeah, some shit I just can’t make up…

Anyways, trigger warning for me…. This just made me think of my dog and how goddamned awesome he was. I miss him for sure. He’d walk up to a tree and mark his territory, leg raised. That quadruped canine misogynist™. Didn’t he know he was oppressing teh womenz…. How dare he pee with a raised leg? teh horror™,teh horror™

…this is the fun I have….

so, awhile back a certain bigoted male feminist blogger decided to misquote me in one of his articles. He took something I said out of context. Put other text I DID NOT SAY after it then put a flashing sarcasm button underneath it to create plausible deniability. Well, this whole experience showed me that such individuals have no interest in truth or justice. Only smashing their opponents with ill thought out arguments. They hide behind their movement and pretend that they are the owners of justice and truth and that anyone who disagrees is a bitter misogynistic MRA.

Anyways, there was another blog well known in the manosphere where I had gotten 4 articles published. I also got some good track backs from there. All would seem good, right? Well, maybe their ideology differed from mine. No biggie, right? Well, lets just say allot of White Nationalists posted there and upon revealing that I’m a mutt, I got a few insults. The best being halfbreed, mulatto and victim of miscegenation (whatever the fuck that is.) Allright, a few insults back and forth and well, I’m holding my ground. A few peeps even side with me sometimes. So now I’m dealing with misandry and racism. At about this time, I’m also being called a Fence Sitter. I suppose I’m too nuanced in my views. Interestingly enough, the guy calling me a fence sitter seems to hate the two sites where I’m having problems….

Around this time also, an article appears at the site with the White Power guys basically saying that the value of a man is correlated with how much meow, meow he gets. I see a write up by the male feminist bigot complaining about said article because he said “pussy fountainhead.” Can’t help myself and leave a comment at the male feminist bigot’s site saying that it seems like the same bigotry, just different lingo and that his crew leaves the ™ thing behind their insults to make it cutesy wootesy for teh interwebz….

Around this time it occurs to me, it is goddamn righteous time for some parody and if a few White Nationalists or some Male Feminists™ get offended, they can go fuck themselves…

Anyways, one of my first attempts at this expiriment appeared here. My “cover” got blown here. I got the cease and desist letter here. SO, ah, should I do what is written in all those weirdo PUA manuals and escalate. See if he is as judicious with the Banhammer as a male feminist? hehe…

So back to that biggoted fat male feminist, he hasn’t put me on his “boob role.”

I can only guess that it is:

a.) My body fat is not high enough to produce adequate male boobage….

b.) I haven’t really done much misogynistic™ stuff in real life. Y’know, unlike his boy Hugo Schwyzer, I haven’t tried to kill a sleeping girlfriend in a drug filled rage.

c.) Maybe he doesn’t consider me a threat to his spread of misandry and lack of critical thinking skills.

anyway, if he or any of his fellow bigots are reading this, please tell him to ad me to his list. Y’know, after he gets done with his Chicken McNuggets, Slurpee, Whopper and supersized, trans fat soaked fries. A male feminist does need to keep up his manboobage™.

as they say, the jig is up…

Yep, the joke got old but it was fun while it lasted…

Cool quote by Furry Girl….

I left a link to Girl Writes What at Quiet Riot Girl’s site and a poster named Jared referred me to Furry Girl.

Well, when I read the FAQ, this jumped out at me:

“What could you possibly have against feminism? It’s the bestest thing since rainbow kitten cupcakes!”

“For starters: “feminism” doesn’t have anything close to a singular meaning, so you can’t even discuss it without a hundred qualifiers and caveats; the feminist pendulum in the West has run its course and too often turns into pointless misandry; feminism used to be about women’s right to be more than just barefoot and pregnant, and now it fights for the “right” of women to be barefoot and pregnant and be given a ton of government and corporate handouts for churning out babies; feminism is commonly embraced by people whose underlying beliefs are that women are stupid, feeble creatures who need to be controlled and saved; feminism these days focuses way too much on imaginary first-world problems like women who choose to feel badly about themselves because they think they’re not pretty enough; some feminist leaders are obsessed with fanning and exploiting insecurities in women in order to indoctrinate them to their style of victim feminism, rather than being positive and helping women see that they can be strong and powerful. Last but not least: it’s REALLY FUCKING DIFFICULT to spend your entire life being picked on by girls and women for various reasons, then swallow the idea that women are your true sisters and that men are the cruel enemy that oppresses you. Bitches be crazy, yo.”

I don’t know but after having the likes of David Futrelle and Amanda Marcotte label anyone who disagree’s with them as a bitter, misogynistic MRA, it brings a bit of a smile to my face when a woman essentially says that these people aren’t speaking for her…

A REAL MAN Checklist–

…so, if you’ve spent any time on teh interwebz, you’ve probably seen some kind of list defining the “true traits” of masculinity…

Time to do this Stonerwithaboner style 😉

1.) A REAL MAN can do more pull-ups in one set than down beers in one sitting. But should he down more beers in one sitting, than he can do pull-ups, he’ll still be able to drive home safely. No need to call a cab like a sissy boi 😉

2.) A REAL MAN always, always holds doors open for teh ladies. He doesn’t even expect or want a thank you. He will sometimes hold a door open for a boy or man, say if he is on crutches or carrying some heavy boxes. He will often playfully trip the boy or man, or perhaps slam the door in his face as a good natured prank. He will especially do this if said man is shorter than him or lower in socio-economic status. Even if said boy or man is physically injured by this prank (and remember, humiliation does not count because males should not be wussies) he should still be grateful because he has been taught the valuable lesson that a boy or man is not entitled to any help in this world.

3.) A REAL MAN sucks it up. He doesn’t question ideologies or political views. When there is a war, he unquestioningly serves as cannon fodder, he does not ask if this is a just war. When a Feminist claims she is oppressed, he says “Yes Ma’am” and doesn’t question dubious arguments. Remember, skepticism, science and philosophy are for those bespectacled freaks who remain virgins until late in life.

4.) A REAL MAN enforces cultural acceptance of manliness on other males. If a REAL MAN has a younger brother who gets really into music and spends more time playing guitar than drinking beer, playing sports or trying to pick up on girls–it is his duty to “beat the fag” out of him. Even if he doesn’t suspect his brother of having any homosexual inclinations, he must still “beat the fag” out of him. Remember, it is not a situation of (oftentimes unwanted) male on male sex as that often happens in prison and the military (two great bastions of REAL MEN) that is “faggy,” it is the pursuit of things that some men might consider “unmanly.” Never mind the fact that guys like Eddie Van Halen have made millions of dollars and slept with countless women by succeeding in artistic pursuits, they ARE NOT REAL MEN.

5.) A REAL MAN doesn’t know how to cook. He visits the drive through or gets a girlfriend to do it for him. Heck, if he is unable to get a girlfriend, it is better that he live at home with his mom than learn how to cook. And if visiting the drive through makes him unable to do more pull-ups in one set than consume beers in one sitting, than so be it. Rule #5 trumps rule #1. Never mind the fact that there are many world class chef’s who are male, they can prepare meals for REAL MEN, but they themselves ARE NOT REAL MEN.

….now, if you haven’t figured it out…there is a ton of sarcasm in this post. Maybe, you knew, by some divine predisposition that one who goes by the tag “Stoner With a Boner” shouldn’t be taken serious at all times. But if you did not, PLEASE-I AM NOT TELLING YOU to DRIVE DRUNK. There is my warning. I am also not telling you to die in some stinking war ’cause your government tells you. If you want to hold doors open for people, then by all means do so, but don’t slam it in their face or trip them as that would be somewhat cruel. Also, don’t “beat the fag” out of your little brother or anyone else. Really, the only time you should beat on someone is when they attack you or someone else that they shouldn’t. Hopefully you can get through life without beating anyone, but, hey sh*t happens…

Now, I’ve read lots on gender and stuff like that but I’m no expert on masculinity. However, my gut instincts tell me that someone trying to tell you what a REAL MAN is is someone who is trying to get something from you. It may be a woman who wants utility and unconditional love without granting the same. It might be a government that wants cannon fodder or more income tax. Heck, it might even be another man who wants unquestioned obedience. I don’t really know for sure but I’d be suspicious none the less….

as usual, think for yourself and question everything….