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  1. I always rant out articles, and then slowly throughout the day edit them to add in more links and references as I’m taking a break from work.

    I just added links to your post on “man up” languaging, and a direct link to your comment sniping nice-guy-shaming on the thorny piece.

  2. So many men are “uncle Toms” when it comes to stuff with women. Whenever a guy calls out a woman on her hypocrisy and messed up behavior that guy will often get verbally attacked by other men. These men are basically “uncle Toms” who fight to protect a system of inequality where women have special privileged that men in general don’t have.

    Some try to explain this phenomena by talking about biology. I do not accept the biological argument for this. It does not help humanity in the long run for men to be in an oppressed state where they’re in a constant state of nervousness due to female double standards and an overburdening set of tasks placed on males in society.

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