Funny Video….

Well, I was at Feminist Critics and a poster named desipis left a link to this video:

4 thoughts on “Funny Video….

  1. I liked how it started with the ladies waiting in line. Haha.

    But then IMO it degenerated into bashing men by supposedly showing women acting like men do. Hmmm. Now it might be true that some people act this way but (and I realize it’s not about me) for me, I would have liked to seen some nice polite ladies being ridiculed by the mean nasty dudes. That would be more in line with my experiences at the bar. Or maybe have a dude tell one of the bouncers that a lady touched them and have the bouncer beat the crap out of an innocent lady.

    1. Fair enough….

      for me, it showed the “competition” aspect and why I don’t like the bar/club scene….

      Also, almost every time a guy talked, he talked in an effeminate voice…. I suppose the idea was to show the roles reversed, but it just made it seem like hetero women aggressively pursuing gay men…

  2. Yeah, the execution wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t even notice the problems that debaser lists until I read his comment.

    Yes, it would have been closer to reality if they showed perfectly polite and gentle-manly approachers being viciously mocked and ripped apart by the approached (as happens with men approaching women in clubs in real life)

    But I think they were trying to be funny, not make a serious rebuttal of female privilege in one vid.

    1. Ok, I read some of the comments and I got pissed.

      There’s a ton of women in the comments whining that the video wasn’t realistic enough because it didn’t represent men badly enough.

      Holy shit wtf? Seriously, some cunts said the exact opposite of Debaser. I’m sorry, this fucking privilege really triggers me.

      They were saying how for the video to be realistic, all the approachers need to be violent, ugly, smelly and super-fat. Excuse me?

      I’ve always known women had a distorted perception about what happens when they get approached. They have always over-estimated themselves and under-estimate the approacher. I know coz I’ve interviewed a few.

      Average chick gets approached by average guy, she fucking treats him like fuckig piece of shit. I ask her why and what happened. She says something about how such a guy who’s soooo much beneath her “bothered” her.

      I WAS THERE, I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING. She was not a single ounce better, prettier or better dressed than he was. But she acted as if a queen had been proposed by a pauper.

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