…this is the fun I have….

so, awhile back a certain bigoted male feminist blogger decided to misquote me in one of his articles. He took something I said out of context. Put other text I DID NOT SAY after it then put a flashing sarcasm button underneath it to create plausible deniability. Well, this whole experience showed me that such individuals have no interest in truth or justice. Only smashing their opponents with ill thought out arguments. They hide behind their movement and pretend that they are the owners of justice and truth and that anyone who disagrees is a bitter misogynistic MRA.

Anyways, there was another blog well known in the manosphere where I had gotten 4 articles published. I also got some good track backs from there. All would seem good, right? Well, maybe their ideology differed from mine. No biggie, right? Well, lets just say allot of White Nationalists posted there and upon revealing that I’m a mutt, I got a few insults. The best being halfbreed, mulatto and victim of miscegenation (whatever the fuck that is.) Allright, a few insults back and forth and well, I’m holding my ground. A few peeps even side with me sometimes. So now I’m dealing with misandry and racism. At about this time, I’m also being called a Fence Sitter. I suppose I’m too nuanced in my views. Interestingly enough, the guy calling me a fence sitter seems to hate the two sites where I’m having problems….

Around this time also, an article appears at the site with the White Power guys basically saying that the value of a man is correlated with how much meow, meow he gets. I see a write up by the male feminist bigot complaining about said article because he said “pussy fountainhead.” Can’t help myself and leave a comment at the male feminist bigot’s site saying that it seems like the same bigotry, just different lingo and that his crew leaves the ™ thing behind their insults to make it cutesy wootesy for teh interwebz….

Around this time it occurs to me, it is goddamn righteous time for some parody and if a few White Nationalists or some Male Feminists™ get offended, they can go fuck themselves…

Anyways, one of my first attempts at this expiriment appeared here. My “cover” got blown here. I got the cease and desist letter here. SO, ah, should I do what is written in all those weirdo PUA manuals and escalate. See if he is as judicious with the Banhammer as a male feminist? hehe…

So back to that biggoted fat male feminist, he hasn’t put me on his “boob role.”

I can only guess that it is:

a.) My body fat is not high enough to produce adequate male boobage….

b.) I haven’t really done much misogynistic™ stuff in real life. Y’know, unlike his boy Hugo Schwyzer, I haven’t tried to kill a sleeping girlfriend in a drug filled rage.

c.) Maybe he doesn’t consider me a threat to his spread of misandry and lack of critical thinking skills.

anyway, if he or any of his fellow bigots are reading this, please tell him to ad me to his list. Y’know, after he gets done with his Chicken McNuggets, Slurpee, Whopper and supersized, trans fat soaked fries. A male feminist does need to keep up his manboobage™.

as they say, the jig is up…

Yep, the joke got old but it was fun while it lasted…

10 thoughts on “…this is the fun I have….

    1. I’m actually thinking Fence Sitter-not from your point of view perhaps, but from mine is a good place to be.

      A bigoted feminist might call me a misogynistic nice guy™….

      A bigoted MRA might call me a weasely Mangina….

      So, I’ll consider being a Fence sitter as one who is looking at things from more than one view and willing to stand up for themselves.

      Glad you liked the post. 😉

      1. Exactly. If being a fence-sitter makes sense to you from your perspective in life, go for it. As someone who feels the full brunt of society’s misandry on a daily basis, it doesn’t make sense for me.

        But speaking as an anti-feminist, fence-sitters are self-evidently useless to that specific cause. I stand by that.

        To be clear, when I referred to you as a fence-sitter I wasn’t insulting you, just making a neutral observation of fact.

        You’re doing a nice job with this blog and it’s great that you stand up to the likes of Futrelle, unlike certain other fence-sitters. Keep up the good work.

  1. That’s funny… Futrelle really bothers you! But yeah, you’re not the first one to not understand his comedy. You have to understand more than the literal, second, sometimes third degree meanings, and I guess it’s not easy for everyone. You still don’t beat MarkyMark’s entire rebuttal of an Onion article (he didn’t understand the article was satire), but that was good, man.

  2. I’m actually considering becoming a “fence sitter” on purpose 😀

    Or to quote Fidelbogen, I plan to “transcend MRA” because the label has been made toxic, mostly due to sites like the one you mentioned, where you got chased away by WNs. I won’t mention the site either, coz they don’t need publicity.

    Now, the truth is MRAs are sane (vast majority are). And in fact, all the bad publicity about MRAs comes from the manosphere (people who are simply in the same part of the internet as MRAs, but not actual MRAs).

    But trying to argue about and defend the label is of no use since the label has been attached to WNs, conspiracy nuts, actual misogynists (as opposed to the overused femmie term). That these people themselves never call themselves MRAs, doesn’t matter, coz the damage is too far advanced.

    It’s much easier to just discard the label, and move onto being something else. A fence-sitter if you will.

    See this (it’s short) plus the comments:

  3. Wow that’s messed up bro.

    I’m trying to figure out to whom you’re referring.Would it be that bitch Ferd aka Turd lol?

    But I feel where you’re coming from with the exclusion and the sudden bigotry after you were revealed as a Mulatto.

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