another creepy quote from a Male Feminist Extraodinaire™

Well, I suppose I just wanted to make myself angry, so I went on over to Latin for In Bad Faith. They had an article on a misogynist/misandrist creepster™-lets make this cutesy wootsie for teh interwebz and call him Yugo Schwanz-Hertz-Herr…

(oh, how per se can you be misogynist/misandrist-try to kill a girlfreind in a drug fueled rage, then brag about cuckolding a guy, then brag about banging students on your desk, then write articles saying how awful men are except for you.) –Do I win anything from the grammar nazi’s for run on sentence of the year???–

quoting from a link to his site.

“A short while later, Tom tweeted I really thought the MRA guys were crazy until I engaged the wrath of the feminists. Insane. Though I doubt Tom thought this through clearly, this is the textbook “gaslighting” to which Yashar refers. No feminist had called Tom a name equivalent to the names he (and I) are regularly called by MRAs (“mangina” is the epithet of choice from the Basement Boys); it didn’t matter. Jennifer and Amanda were “insane.”

Seemingly innocuous words often have a profound charge depending on how and by whom they’re used. Tom knows, surely, how problematic it is to use the word “boy” to refer to an African-American. It’s not a curse word in most contexts, but when used by a white person to refer to an adult black male, it’s steeped in the long and painful history of racism in America. What many men fail to understand is that accusing a woman of being insane or of engaging in reprisals merely because she’s expressing forceful disagreement has an equivalent ugliness. If that seems hyperbolic, google the word “hysteria.”

Wait, what….

Did he say referring to black men as boys is racist but he called MRA’s “Basement Boys?” What if some MRA’s are black guys? What if they are mutts like me? Maybe Yugo thinks cause he is a white guy, that only other guys like him matter. Well, now that he can’t spread his hate speech, uh, propaganda at The Good Men Project or Feministe, maybe The White Nationalist Stink Tank or Stormfront will hire him….

Well, maybe I made a big jump in logic, so I suppose I could ask that Manboobz bigot if I can borrow his flashing Sarcasm button and insert the graphic here…

Anyways, it just occurred to me that the real mark of a Male Feminist Extraodinaire™ must be peeing sitting down… Y’know if a woman can’t do it, it must be patriarchal oppression…. Yeah, some shit I just can’t make up…

Anyways, trigger warning for me…. This just made me think of my dog and how goddamned awesome he was. I miss him for sure. He’d walk up to a tree and mark his territory, leg raised. That quadruped canine misogynist™. Didn’t he know he was oppressing teh womenz…. How dare he pee with a raised leg? teh horror™,teh horror™

One thought on “another creepy quote from a Male Feminist Extraodinaire™

  1. Hilarious!
    Yeah the gendersphere can be pretty hateful at times and ol’ Hugo sure didn’t help things any. I guess I’m glad he’s reaping karma.

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