A Real Man Shits with the Door Open….

yes, someone actually typed that in a search engine and somehow wound up here 😉

Here is a list of how y’all have been getting here:

2012-02-07 to Today
Search Views

what is patriarchy 19
stoner with a boner 14
stonerwithaboner 10
hypergamy 6
clothed female nude male about:blank 5
girl writes what 5
hugo schwyzer 4
highschool ass 4
mra feministe 3
creepy quotes 3
david futrelle 3
betty friedan criticized robin morgan 3
aleknovy 3
misandry and the color purple 2
keep your blood clean your body lean 2
what is patriachy 2
advocatus diaboli sock puppet 2
hillary clinton women are the primary victims of war 2
dimebag darrell jerk me off 2
lick the kitty 2
urban dictionary assault on mra’s 2
quote nice guys women 2
blog about interesthing girl 2
define mgtow 2
all about interesting place 1
belly boner prank 1
feminists like to call men “little man” 1
misandry “real man” 1
misandry easy a 1
guys naked and being funny blogspot 1
india crappy country 1
how much money hypergamy 1
high school cock gets sucked 1
how old is too old pua 1
mgtow urban dictionary 1
stoner boner naked men 1
stoner the boner 1
alek novy 1
“nice guys” quote 1
iron maiden riff rip off 1
hillary clinton quote war women 1
nudie beach 1
“sucked ass” 1
the derail 1
keep your body lean blood clean 1
www man sex woman pussy com on lin youtub 1
“hugo schwyzer” 1
urbandictionary mra 1
unwanted sexual advances gay men 1
clive thompson book deal 1
jill filipovic shaving 1
nudist beaches sausage fest 1
fuck it all and fuck it no regrets 1
rape tgmp 1
patriarchal values checklist 1
only sick music makes money today 1
hillary clinton quote 1
creepy quotations 1
“keep your” sharp quote 1
“doug stanhope” “patriarchy” 1
men being cuckolded 1
david futrelle is a bigot 1
stoner boner 1
rejected me then laughed at me 1
what is another weirdo 1
manboobz accuses everyone who disagrees with them of lying 1
alice walker hates black men 1
you can all suck my dick 1
germaine greer is a sexist 1
girlwriteswhat feminist 1
megan milanese 1
fat stoner problems 1
cfmn 1
nietzsche only sick music makes money today 1
mra feminists 1
informationonsociopaths 1
melissa mcewan vs mra 1
mgtow 1
“the men were” boner 1
high school asses 1
misandry “you go girl” 1
attractive but socially awkward 1
ferdinand bardamu advocatus diaboli 1
girlwriteswhat blog 1
inmalafide 1
misandry the acceptable practice 1
your body clean and your mind sharp 1
whining men 1
friend tent nude 1
manboobz mangina 1
carl sagan critical thinking course 1
mean of u.m. 1
girlwriteswhat 1
interesting articles 1
seduction and rape 1
nudie walking 1
nobody owes you anything 1
25 too old for pua 1
keep your blood clean, your body lean and your mind sharp 1
‎keep your blood clean, body lean and mind sharp 1
male boner 1
prvilege argument 1
roissy hugo schwyzer 1
lick kitty 1
“hey scotty” beam me up disco 1
amanda marcotte vs gmp 1
tgmp 1
t s eliot triumph of bullshit 1
highschool sucked dick for me 1
feminists don’t argue they just shame 1
roosh v rapist 1
what is partriarchy 1
how to keep body blood clean 1
helmet – meantime 1
girl writes what blog 1
you could suck my dick and fucking like it 1
a real man shits with the door open 1
“this cgi bullshit is the death knell of cinema. if i’d wanted all that computer game bullshit, i’d have stuck my dick in a nintendo.” 1
post your boner 1
“girl writes what” 1
white power boner 1
barefoot furry girl 1
mark stoner boner twitter 1
the real man checklist 1
h y’all 1
how to eradicate patriarchy 1
ass school 1
legions of frustrated young women 1
mras for truth and justice 1
real man cheklist 1
is the color purple misandric 1
naked beach “clothed female” experience 1
what ispatriarchy ?why it is themost powerfulforcein theworld today 1
“shy insecure men” 1
ha ha send me a 1
girlwriteswhat is wrong 1
feminism pee sitting down 1
carl sagan course on critical thinking 1
real man checklist 1
nice guys mgtow forum something awful 1
feministe on dealbreakers 1
stonerwith a boner blog 1
stories of female abuse 1
cuckold hugo schwyzer 1
keep your blood clean your body lean your mind sharp 1
strolling naked beach boner 1
girlwriteswhat criticism 1
pua too old 1
too old to pua 1
.more 1
cunnalingus and beards 1
what is patriarchy? 1
don’t screw the pooch 1
misandry in literature 1
furry girl site rip 1
“girl writes what” blog 1
how to identify a man that whines 1
what is partriachy 1
nudie of the day 1
high school sucked 1
ways to tell your a real man and not a fag 1
“only sick music makes money today” 1
stoner with a boner lick that kitty 1
study people act differently online 1
you can suck my dick soon as i grew one 1
real men don’t buy girls misandry 1

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