2 thoughts on “oldschool shooters

  1. I’ve never had a Turbographix 16, so no.

    Currently have old and working:
    Commodore 64, along with over 100 games and 3 diskdrives and 2 fastload cartridges
    Atari VCS (3 that work, including a Sears model)
    Some old gaming system (can’t remember the name, Magnavox?) that didn’t even have cartridges – all the games are built in.
    An original XBOX
    Sony PlayStation
    Sony PlayStation 2
    Zeos 486 DS system with 40 MB of RAM, a 250 MB HD and an original install of not only WIndows 95 but also an unopened copy of DOS 6
    An old Pentium Pro system with Windows 98
    USED to have an original Nintendo , but it broke after a few years
    So those are my classic systems which are also sometimes used for backwards compatible gaming.

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