Some great comments…

Well, I’ve gotta thank everyone whose been commenting here….

Sometimes they’ve pointed out things that I haven’t articulated clearly enough.

Sometimes they’ve agreed and sometimes they’ve disagreed….

Overall, they have been a great resource to me….


One outstanding comment was posted in an old thread about that bigot Fatrelle and it just seemed to explain soooo much.  It was written by an insightful writer who goes by “Adi.”


“Futrelles logic is very clear to me.
The reason most MRAs and some feminists don’t understand him is because, unlike them, he does not actually have a political agenda. He’s not trying to improve the world or empower women in the least; otherwise his behavior would be radically different from what it is.

No, Futrelles purpose is to profile himself as a leading writer in….well…anything. He simply writes what gets him the most attention and that means jumping on the bandwagon of misandry. He’s absolutely not the first to do that. Almost every politician, journalist and marketer who touched upon gender has done this. The great “advantage” of resorting to misandry is that you don’t actually have to know anything, you don’t have to research, study or learn about people. You can just waffle your way to success because there are always enough people who love hearing it. Really, it’s like porn to these people. That’s why no amount of reasoning or logic or truth will get Futrelle to change – at best it might make him a little more cautious to avoid libel.

The sad truth is, misandry sells and Futrelle is a misandry salesman. No more and no less.”



Well, the guy really just struck me as an attention seeking bully all along. 


Sometimes other people are better at articulating things I observe.


Thanks again, Adi….

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