The language of bullies….

“Sarcasm is a passive-aggressive way to express hostility without fear of reprisal, confrontation or explanation.

It is unfair to the victim of your sarcastic wit. It can even make those around you uncomfortable, because the hostility is hardly disguised.”


“Think back on any sarcastic expression you have ever heard and ask yourself, “What is the feeling associated with sarcasm?”

The answer is helplessness and lack of control. Sarcasm is the weapon of disempowered people, who use information to regain some of their missing feeling of control.”


“When you resort to sarcasm to get a point across in a disguised manner, it demonstrates a lack of conviction and courage to say what you really mean. Although an occasional sarcastic remark may seem harmless, remember that people judge your character every day by what you say as well as how you act. The collective result of those judgments is your reputation.”

know anyone like this?

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