what, are we still in grade school here….

well, I don’t know, I disagree vehemently with Mr. Elam’s-If at a rape trial acquit policy…

However, he sometimes writes funny things…

“These are two individuals whose specialty, other than apparently downing copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s Patriarchy Chunk ice cream on a daily basis, is mining for minority voices on the fringe of the MRM, and conflating them with out of context quotes from actual MRA’s, twisted into the desired form. But they don’t even do that with enough gusto to burn a few calories.”

Yuppers, one of the individuals he was referring too was a male feminist who misquoted me by taking part of something I said then putting his own words after, then putting a flashing sarcasm button for plausible deniability. hahaha, to quote Ms. Rebecca Watson “Guys, don’t do that.” Also, lets make it egalitarian. Girls don’t do that. It isn’t nice (TM), nor is it nice. I just don’t think it is something an honest person who cares about justice should do.

Anyways, I’m glad most of the peeps I interact with online I will never meet in real life because there sure are some hateful bigots out there. But if I did, it would be funny to have a contest between the Feminist Critics guys, the manosphere guys and some male feminists….

Lets see who could chug the most dark beer, eat the most ice cream then do the most pull-ups. I bet it would look like some kind of scene out of Jackass. I bet there would be puke everywhere….

3 thoughts on “what, are we still in grade school here….

  1. Male feminazis are the worst!

    Any guy who defends or empathizes with the feminist movement should be eradicated.That’s like working with the enemy.

    Lmao @ scene from Jackass.

    1. Socialkenny,

      I wouldn’t recommend eradication, anyways I don’t mind someone having a different worldview and disagreeing with me.

      I do mind when someone takes part of a quote, putts their own text afterwords and then putts a flashing sarcasm button for plausible deniability.

      1. At least he put a sarcasm button. Someone like AB is much worse than manboobz, because she pro-actively puts words and claims in people’s mouths, and actively distorts their positions. She’s queen strawman of the highest order.

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