either my reading comprehension is an epic fail or the world is coming to an end….

so I just read something by Amanda Marcotte. And, uh, I pretty much thought I disagreed with everything she has ever said. So I was surprised when I read this:

“I see why the “men are hornier” gambit has appeal, even to men who should know better. For one thing, it allows you to feel superior to women and cling to that just a little bit, while wearing a false humility (gosh, we men are so hard to control!). Also, there’s a rough sort of sense to it. Our sexual market is such that men are expected to do most of the pursuing and women are supposed to be more reticient, and this can feel for men who find it frustrating to be rejected like women just want it less. But it’s actually just a result of the system. Men only hit on women they find attractive, so they get a skewed perception of how that works. Just because a man hits you up doesn’t make him hot, you know. If women hit on men more, maybe men would notice that they don’t actually want to fuck every woman they meet, because they mentally just exclude women they don’t find attractive from the category “women”.”

So is she saying that women should hit on men more? Is she saying the system is skewed and unfair? I’m still betting on the fact that there is something I’m not understanding….

5 thoughts on “either my reading comprehension is an epic fail or the world is coming to an end….

  1. First thing I did was check the date to see if it wasn’t written on april 1st 😀

    Interesting to say the least. What happened?

    1. She talks about the system, but doesn’t go as far as suggesting a change to it, but seems to imply that that change would be women approaching men….

      funny thing, I don’t think most men are afraid of unattractive women hitting on them….

      for me, the interesting x-factor would be if I was approached by women whom I personally wouldn’t have approached but didn’t find unattractive. That is to say, they might not seem my type. Not so much out of my league as different. I wonder how I’d react. That would be an interesting experiment….

      anyways, there’s more stuff in that article I will discuss….

      1. She has actually talked about the system before, we discussed this at Miguel’s. I don’t know if you remember?

        She has talked about men no longer pursuing women, and letting themselves be pursued by women. We discussed what the problem with her suggestions is here:

        In short, she places all the responsibility on men

        She wants all men on the planet to all change at the same time into non-pursuers. She asks men to CREATE a system where women pursue… but she doesn’t ask women to pursue. In other words, yes women should pursue, but it’s men’s responsibility to bring that about somehow 😀


      2. She asks men to CREATE a system where women pursue… but she doesn’t ask women to pursue.

        And she doesn’t ask women to stop rewarding pursuers. The system is the way it is, because women reward persistent pursuers.

        It goes so far that a woman would rather date a lower-quality man who pursues the fuck out of her, rather than a higher-quality man who pursues her less.

  2. Alek,

    I vaguely remember that thread….

    how can men change a whole system? I absolutely think individuals should be held accountable for their actions but saying men can change everything without involving women, I don’t know. Wouldn’t that mean denying women their agency? How can I as a man be accountable for your actions when you are on virtually the other side of the world? How can you be for mine? We are not a hive mind. If this is in fact what Amanda Marcotte suggests, I don’t see how that could work in the real world. If she was suggesting women initiate more and men might sometimes feel uncomfortable from a suitor they didn’t like, that would be another thing entirely.

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