Great comment by Patrick Brown

I was over at the interesting and eclectic Gendererratic website….

Patrick Brown left this comment in response to RocketFrog:

“And yet, by your own admission, you’ve been submissive towards women your entire life. This is not a coincidence. You, like a lot of men, myself included, were raised to seek approval from women. Approval seeking behaviour pretty much guarantees you’ll be bullied by many of the people you seek approval from, because their withholding of approval makes you try harder to win it, and with carefully judged cruelty they can push your buttons and have you jump through hoops for them, just for a laugh.

That is why feminists are so cruel to “nice guys”, and why they call men like you and me “misogynists” – not because they think it’s true, but because they know it hurts, and they are bullies. We want women’s approval, so the last thing we want to believe about ourselves is that we hate women – so the more we try to prove our good will, the more they call us misogynists, and the more we redouble our efforts to prove our good will, and the more they call us misogynists… why stop, when pressing the button keeps producing the goodies?

Male approval-seeking behaviour enables feminist bullies. Someone’s got to break the cycle, and it’s not like they’re going to do it. That’s what “opting out” is about – but if you can avoid approval seeking without opting out, all the better.”


Yeah, that whole nice guy scam really seems like an attempt to shame shy, sensitive men and control them. And, uh, yeah, what a great move by a bully to align themselves with a movement that purports to be about equality and then whenever someone questions their motives, they just fire back, “How dare you not be about a movement that seeks to treat women as human, you bitter, small dicked misogynist.” Slowly but surely the truth is getting out there….

4 thoughts on “Great comment by Patrick Brown

  1. Nice find. Thanks for reposting it. Because I don’t read those blogs, I love when you repost something good from one of those places.

    1. Btw, this Patrick Brown has tons of pure-gold comments. I once made an entire blog post quoting him I think. Too bad he doesn’t have a blog.

    1. I just checked your blog-this was excellent—

      “A friend of mine had a string of medium-term girlfriends in his twenties. He told me they’d all asked him early on the relationship if a man should ever hit a woman, and he’d said no, not under any circumstances – and they’d all hit him. Nothing serious, just slaps, “playful” punches on the arm, but regular and systematic, and designed to get points across. Until one girlfriend asked him, and he said maybe, if she hit him first – and she never did.”

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