How can you make yourself smarter????

Some say reading can make you smarter. It might give you new ideas and even expand your vocabulary. I suppose it is like adding programs and files to a computer. I guess you could argue that the computer’s processing speed is more like intelligence. So, how might you go about upping the processor that is your brain?

Win Wenger suggests you go to a swimming pool and submerge yourself underwater until you can stay under for 2-3 minutes. –Now, as a responsible blogger, I gotta say you should check with your doctor first and make sure there is a lifeguard in the vicinity. He also suggests Image Streaming. It basically involves using your “mind’s eye” to “see” something then describing it in great detail to another person or into a tape recorder. –I wonder if magic mushrooms would be advisable for this “experiment.”

Now, this game supposedly makes you smarter in in twenty days.

The question an inquisitive mind might ask is if you’ve actually gotten smarter or just better at the specific game. Perhaps you’ve gotta change it up a bit and throw in some Tetris or some Sudoku.

4 thoughts on “How can you make yourself smarter????

  1. 1. Electromagnetic brain stimulation
    2. Magnetic brain stimulation (north pole)
    3. Learning new languages
    4. Learning mathematics
    5. Nootropics, particularly higher grade cocktails involving aniracetam, oxyracetam, or high doses of piracetam
    6. Mess around with raven matrices
    7. Get adequate sleep
    8. Exercise

    1. If you want to go deeper, mess with your concentration interval times and your data chunking methods, like using the Roman Room method for memorization.

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