Two interesting videos…..

It’s not if you are alpha, beta or some other Greek letter–or even if your in her league as some feminists claim, it’s if she has “contempt” for you or not….

I found this interesting video here.


I grew up with a sister, I’ve known for a long time that women can be viscous and cruel. Time to get more honest about DV-it’s not just men “oppressors”/women “oppressed.” Violence is wrong and can be initiated by either gender.

I found this disturbing video here.

One thought on “Two interesting videos…..

  1. My favorite host of all time, Dennis Prager has been quoting this guy for years. Prager has a weekly male-female show, and he discusses lot of great things. He often brings up the contempt theory and the guy who studied couples.

    I have lots of great clips and clippings to post from this guys when I get around to it.

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