Crazy Death Metal

so I got the chance to check out some bands….

the place was packed but I made my way to the bar and indulged my taste for dark beer….

to give you a general idea of the vibe….

anyways, since this was in the “interesting” part of town, at one point when my friend and I grabbed something to eat–we witnessed a “crossdresser.” I personally found it kind of humorous rather than threatening and remarked that my jerk military cousin might pursue “her” after a few Coors Lite’s.

Even though the guitarists of the bands all shredded, I found the music difficult to listen too for extended times. Between that and the general overcrowding, I stepped outside frequently. At one point I saw an emaciated guy (he looked like a concentration camp survivor) with scars all over his arm. I’m guessing they were self inflicted as they formed strange patterns. He was bleeding from his forehead.

Things got crazier during the last band. The singer asked for people to start crowdsurfing. One big girl jumped onto the stage. She apparently had a bloody nose as she walked over to the singer and got blood all over him. She then jumped back into the mosh pit and continued slamming into people with her face covered in blood. During the last song, two small guys climbed onto the shoulders of two bigger guys and started trying to push each other down as a bunch of frenzied guys moshed around them.

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