Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest….

Well, I was at Clarissa’s Blog reading a critique of Quiet Riot Girl’s Against Feminisms.

So I read the article and okay, it seemed reasonable. Then when I got to the comments, I was fuming mad….

So I left this comment:

“I might be jumping into this way to late but….

Well, if I think that Marcotte and Futrelle’s mocking of Nice Guys (TM) is just a way to humiliate men with poor social skills, does that make me a bitter misogynist by default? I don’t throw in with the AVFM crowd as I have stated that I think Mr. Elam’s “at a rape trial-acquit” is reprehensible. I also thought Marcotte’s handling of the Duke rape trials was awful. I can’t stand Hugo Schwyzer or Roissy/Heartiste-in both, I find a despicable ranking system of “lower caste” males–Schwyzer constantly berates men for “opting out”-Rissy/Heartiste calls them Omega’s. Yup, I’ve heard the phrase that feminism seeks to help both men and women out of oppressive gender roles but when I threw my 2 cents in at Feministe, I was called a “mansplainer” and told to check my f%^king privilege. I was told that I was blind to my own privilege, but when I was 18, I signed up for selective service-I don’t call that privilege, in my vocabulary, that’s obligation. Then I went over to Inmalafide, the racists,uh, I mean scientifically informed HBD/White Nationalists informed me that I was a victim of miscegenation-that’s a fancy way to say halfbreed, yes I did have to look it up…..

Yes, this reads as a rant I’m sure. I skimmed the comments and found myself growing angry. I don’t particularly know why because many insults were against MRA’s and I’m not one. But settling down I think I do know why. There have been allot of things said and done by feminists hurtful to men and boys. I can provide the citations if needed. And I know some feminists will actually disagree with those things vociferously. However, it was the part that if I actually stand up for myself, that makes me a bitter, hateful misogynist who is unable to “live without my privilege.” All by someone who hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.

End.of.rant–feeling better….”

Here was her reply to my comment:

“I’m sure it annoys you when people blame you for the nasty and oppressive things that other men (Americans, people of your race, etc.) have done, right? Then how do you think I should feel when being accused of what folks at other websites, Hugo Schwyzer, Futrelle and God knows who else did? If some people who identify as feminists did and said nasty things, this does not condemn the entire movement. Just like the existence of male rapists doesn’t make every man a rapist.”

Anyways, in all fairness to Clarissa, she has left a comment on my blog about the male gaze/female gaze:

“Saying this on a fellow feminist blog would get me slaughtered, but I strongly believe that you only get victimized by somebody’s gaze only if you really want to feel victimized. People can’t control whom they find attractive. Unless anybody is trying to touch me against my will, I have no problem with them staring. Why should I?”

Definitely not FinallyFeminism 101, also she stated in her article:

“I also find the terms such as ‘rape culture’ , ‘violence against women and girls’, ‘the male gaze’ and ‘objectification’ to be silly, offensive, and deeply damaging to the cause of feminism. I’ve been blogging about it tirelessly for over two years.”

anyways, I gotta tell myself not to get so worked up when reading in the gendersphere, or maybe I should just stop reading this stuff.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest….

  1. Hi there. I see you don’t understand me at all. Good. I think you would really enjoy it over at my place, and you are certainly welcome there. It’s hard to explain my POV. Of course I am pro-male. I come of the Left movements of the 1960’s. One movement was Men’s Liberation and I am still a part of that. I am a feminist (equity) but I am also a masculinist. Obviously, the feminists have gone stark raving batshit insane, but so has the Manosphere. Truth is most sane people like me and maybe you are somewhere in between the nutcase extremes.

  2. Problem with the manosphere: to get to the useful stuff, you have to wade through a world of toxic sludge: the PUA stuff, the “radical traditionalism”, the obsession with hierarchy and shaming, the racism (as opposed to honest inquiry into racial differences).

    It’s almost like a Last Man Standing scenario where you hope both they and the feminists wipe themselves out in a genuine boots-on-the-ground gender war.

    How come you chose to write for Inmalafide? FB & co are some of the worst offenders.

    1. Great observations-I may write a post on this.

      I knew End Selective Service Now was an important article and I wanted it exposed to a larger audience. It seemed well received so I continued to contribute.

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