….walked away from a fight….

Well, there’s this one guy whose always rubbed me the wrong way, let’s call him “Dick.” He’d always be hanging out every time I went to the beach. At first, he didn’t seem so bad but I quickly didn’t want anything to do with him. He goes by the PUA mantra of hit on every woman who is breathing. I’m actually shy, believe it or not. So he’d make fun of me about the fact I’m not an “approach machine.” Anyways, he’d call me “Harmless.” One day I was a little buzzed, he called me this after I had asked him not to say that several times. Well, feeling a little loose, I threw a punch. He hit the sand. He was shaking and grabbed my fist. He said he was gonna call the cops. I felt kind of bad but I think I was laughing. After this he avoided me. It was kind of nice actually.

Today, I walk right by him, he says “Eh, What’s up?”

I reply, “Leave me alone.”



“Keep on talking like that and I’ll knock those glasses of your ugly face.”

“That’s not what happened last time ass*ole.”

“I don’t smoke weed no more, I’m not mellow like I used to be.”

“Whatever, leave me alone.” I say as I start backing away, keeping an eye on him.

“You want a fight, I’ll break your glasses. Loser.”

Me, backing away, “F*ck off.”

“No, F*ck you.”

“Throw the first punch.” I say, realizing I’m on higher ground and have the tactical advantage.

He starts screaming and waving his arms, he curses loudly “F*g, c*cksucker.” At this point everyone else is looking our way. I just smile and keep my distance. He finally scurries away.

I tell one of the old guys, “See, I don’t look for trouble but it finds me.”

Anyways, not so long ago this would’ve wound up different. I’ve been reading up on Men’s Rights-the biggest thing I’m learning is my value isn’t tied up in how much money I earn or how many women I sleep with. I’m not looking for a fight, I’ll fight if I have to but better to avoid it if I can-who gives a sh*t if that seems “unmanly.”

One thought on “….walked away from a fight….

  1. That last paragraph of yours nails it.

    What’s “unmanly” about what you did? You challenged him to do his worst; he failed to rise to the challenge.

    He sounds like a typical, passive-aggressive bully type. Also, in light of his (in)actions, that “Harmless” jibe of his was pure projection.

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