rumors in bad faith…..

Well, now, you may have heard what I’ve heard….

A certain notorious manosphere blog is said to soon be no more….

So, long story short-I’ve participated at this place, first as commentor then I had a few articles published….

I’ve always felt the comment threads there were like some kind of dive bar at the edge of the universe in a bad sci-fi movie-“Everyone is welcome and no one is safe….”

More and more, though I felt there were unfortunately many ideologies I’d rather not be associated with. And, for that matter, wouldn’t want to associate with me. Yeah, quite allot of White Nationalists hang there and I’m mixed race–I’ve been called a halfbreed and victim of miscegenation more times than I can count.

Still, I’m proud of what I’ve written over there….

End Selective Service Now!

The Stop Online Piracy Act and Why You Should Oppose It

Debt is Slavery

Work Sucks

well, that’s my eulogy….

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