….to befuddle….

So I was doing some reading and I came across a new (to me) word….


Well, from the dictionary:

transitive verb
a : darken b : to make obscure
: confuse
intransitive verb
: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing

This jumped right out at me when I read it. Seems like some are using words like “privilege” with a different meaning than what’s in the dictionary in the so called “gender” discussions are just obfuscating the issue…

From the Great Wiki:

“Obfuscation may be used for many purposes. Doctors have been accused of using jargon to conceal unpleasant facts from a patient; American author Michael Crichton claimed that medical writing is a “highly skilled, calculated attempt to confuse the reader”.[1] B. F. Skinner, noted psychologist, commented on medical notation as a form of multiple audience control, which allows the doctor to communicate to the pharmacist things which might be opposed by the patient if they could understand it.[2] Similarly text-based language, like some forms of leet, are obfuscated to make them incomprehensible to outsiders.”

Next time I’m immersed in one of these viscous debates that take place online, I might say, Dear Sir/Mam, I checked the dictionary definition of the word you just used and it doesn’t line up with what you are saying. Is there something I don’t get or are you trying to obfuscate the issue? Sure it probably won’t make me seem like the sharpest tool in the shed and it pobably won’t make me more loved than I already am 😉 but at least it might make a few others in the thread start asking the “uncomfortable” questions.

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