Boycott Barnes And Noble…

They treated this man like a criminal for trying to give his grandkids the gift of literacy…..

Yup, better to shop somewhere else….

Maybe, they’ll go bankrupt like Borders did 😉

3 thoughts on “Boycott Barnes And Noble…

  1. WIshing death on any bookstore chain is a bad idea unless you never want to buy a physical book or album in person. This was a one time event that Barnes and Noble admitted was a mistake and apologized for. Reality is not a risk free environment. Being offended is the first card thrown by the liberal lobby.

  2. Exactly my sentiment when the story broke a few days ago. An email campaingn expressing our disapproval of the way the incident was handled might also bring about a change. I tried to find the CEO’s email address but no luck. Quite possibly a less “search challenged” MRA could get that information and post it. If potential writers need an email template I am more than happy to create one.

    I would also like to suggest a middle ground for those of us who live in cities with no viable alternative to B&N. It is go to the store, enjoy the books and BUY WHAT YOU NEED ONLINE FROM A COMPETITOR. It’s a subtle way of getting utility from the company but not feeding it.

  3. Hello new commentors, thanks for stopping by. Interesting points….

    a little while back, I wound up in the “young adult” section of the library. I was getting a copy of Brave New World and some graphic novels. I got kind of a sideways glance by the librarian but she didn’t say anything. I had few books under my arm and was only browsing for a few moments-it was obvious I wasn’t there to hurt children.

    I worked in retail for a short while. Didn’t much like it. One thing they told us was to say “Hi” to all the customers that walked in. For the legitimate customers, it would make them feel comfortable to ask questions and for the potential shoplifters, it would make them feel like they were under scrutiny. I wonder why the encounter above didn’t go along the lines of “Sir, is there anything particular you are looking for? How old are your grandkids, maybe I can help you find something they’d like?” The store makes money, the customer is not offended. Win-win, right?

    Obviously, I don’t want children to be hurt by predators. However a guilty until proven innocent approach isn’t the right thing either. This is just more evidence that misandry seems to be the “acceptable prejudice.”

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