…diet much !?!….

well, I’m not exactly the most disciplined guy in the universe…

In fact, I’ve never gone on an official diet my entire life…

You might see all these dudes bragging about the Caveman ™ diet. Hehehe, I wonder if In N Out protein style qualifies. I also don’t think I can follow a diet that requires I give up chocolate milkshakes. Anyways, if I was a caveman, I’d also hunt and gather my food so my calorie output would be much higher. I’m not a dietician, so whadda ya doing listening to me rant about this anyways?

I have a secret, I like cooking-grilling, stir frying, yeah, even baking pre-made pizza’s. I’m not very good, mostly self taught. Mostly trial and error. Does admitting I enjoy cooking make me less of a man?

So, one thing I found that helped me… When I was unemployed awhile back, I didn’t eat out much. Of course I was trying to save money but I also had FREE TIME. What I would do is read the labels. If a product had mono poly disaturide xhulnazhyny yellow #69 and a whole bunch of other chemistry sounding words I couldn’t pronounce, it went back on the shelf. I didn’t know about calorie counting and still don’t–seems a little math intensive for me. Just a general rule I go by is fresher is better.

Another thing I realized, I’d eat allot because of stress. When I wasn’t working, I’d eat slower and be satiated on less food. I wouldn’t snack as much. I’d workout more…

A little while back I cut soda from my diet. I tried cutting beer but some things just can’t go πŸ˜‰ I’ll occasionally have a Mexican Coca-Cola. You might think that with the drug cartels and all it might have coke-well not that I know of. What it does have is real sugar instead of high fruitcose corn syrup. Tastes a little sweeter, a certain something I just can’t putt a finger on.

Anyways, I love all kinds of food. Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian. Hahaha, don’t tell this to any of the manosphere White Nationalists butt bandits. They might call me a multiculturalist. Yeah, well I might call ’em dirtbag racists. I like different things and I started adding spices to my stirfries. Each one turns out different. Let the close minded eat their three meals of McDonalds and Burger King–with the fourth meal made of chihuahua’s droppings, that crap ain’t for me. Hahaha, maybe the White Nationalists Stink Tankers might run into a male feminist in line at the drivethrough and they could flash each other their manboobz πŸ˜‰

I love food and I pig out when I get the chance. Now, I really ain’t skinny, but in America, not too morbidly obese is the new skinny. Sorry for discouraging that big dieting guy I work with who saw me stuffing my face without any guilt…

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