It’s offical, I will never be an MRA….

I just got “insulted” by Paul Elam…..

Interesting how he didn’t engage my bigger point about how tolerating the White Nationbalists makes his movement look stupid. well, maybe it really is stupid or maybe he secretly likes those guys. Yeah, I don’t think I need approval by someone who says “At a Rape Trial Acquit.”

I also, can’t be a male feminist, cause, y’know Dave Fatrelle likes to take things I said then putt other stuff behind it to change the meaning then put a flashing “sarcasm” button behind it.

Unfortunately I haven’t been called a creep yet by Amanda Marcotte-gotta work harder to have strange mannerisms and awkward pauses 😉

I also can’t be a full on manosphere guy, cause y’know I ain’t white enough, fat enough or pathetic enough. Oh, well I just don’t fit in. That’s probably a good thing….

time to enjoy some musical entertainment from Meshugahh-that’s Yiddsh for Crazy and crack open a cold beer 😉

6 thoughts on “It’s offical, I will never be an MRA….

  1. The list of things you will never be started filling up when you named your blog. It’s odd that you’re surprised about this. No-one else is.

  2. I actually think W.F. Price is probably one of the sanest figures in the MRM right now. I haven’t seen him defend IMF, and he has spoken against the likes of Ryu in the past.

    The Spearhead’s commentariat is kind of unhinged on the whole, but there are a few decent voices.

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