America is F%cked

So, something crossed my mind this morning….

I decided to ask the mighty google how much it costs to house an inmate….

According to this-it is $47,102-at least in California.

Then I asked the mighty google how much the average person makes.

This says the average household income is $46,326.

Let’s unpack this a little further….

According to the Great Wiki:

“The median income per household member was clocked at $24,672 in 2005. This means that the average Joe earns roughly $32,000 a year, lives in a household with an income of $46,000 with $24,000 of gross annual income per member.[11] Personal income changes considerably over the life-time of the average American, from $28,000 at age 25 to about $42,000 at the age of 65. Yet, very young and old persons would commonly not be considered to be average Americans.”

According to this 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance. Well, at least prisoners have health care.

So, a few things rushed through my mind. In this “system” we have-would some people feel more incentive to be a criminal than work a minimum wage job?

Why do we have so many prisoners? Sure, Anders Breivik and James Holmes need to be locked up forever if not made to ride the lightning. Wouldn’t it be better to have non-violent drug offenders working a job and paying taxes than eating up more than the average household income sitting in a cell? Anyways, it seems that a system where criminals take more than honest people make is unsustainable at some point or another…..


I just looked up this definition of misogyny:

“hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.”

whoa, now, mistrust is misogyny….

now at the same dictionary, misandry is:

“hatred of males”

not hatred, dislike or mistrust of males, just hatred of males….

so if you merely distrust or dislike women, you are a misogynist–you absolutely must hate males to be misandrist…

Am I misreading or is there a lower threshold to be a misogynist?

and am I being too picky to note the first definition includes woman but not girls whereas the second definition includes males-presumably boys and men….

is TV eating up your life?

Well, I asked the mighty google how much TV the average American watches and it was at almost 5 hours a day. Wow…..

That’s allot of time-if you spent that playing a musical instrument, you’d be at a high level in a few years. If you spent that reading, you’d be well read within a year or two. If you spent that working…. Well, you get the idea….

It’s strange…. During my “lean” years, I didn’t own a TV. When I finally got one, I was too ADD to sit through commercials and only watched stuff like The Simpsons and Family Guy. I occasionally pop in a DVD and get to a movie theater maybe every other month. I like video games but haven’t even picked up the controller in a few weeks….

I kinda noticed I’ve been “out of step” with most people I meet…. Well, there’s this huge world, maybe I am exploring it a little more than a TV junkie. Now, I might get 4-5 hours of TV in in a week. As far as media I consume most voraciously, that’d be music and blogs. I try to get in at least one printed book a month. Some months I do better than others….

Well, if you are watching more than 2 hours of TV a day, I challenge you to fill the time with something else….

oh, crap, I think I found the new Inmalafide….

It’s a shitty place where xy chromosome hating feminists tell guys how to get laid whilst conveniently ignoring that men are expected to be the initiators…

Oh, yeah, they got a neo nazi sympathizer, um, someone who “rubs elbows” with the white nationalists…. hahaha, maybe he rubs a little more than elbows when his white power boi’s recreate that brutal shower scene from American History X.

At least with the real Inmalafide, you could tell people what you really thought of them, four letter words and all without worrying about the pissy editors censoring your comments….

Well, I might check back as I’ve heard Mr. Manboobz is going to write an article on exercise and diet –Insert Flashing Sarcasm Button Here–

Anyways, thanks but no thanks Good Man Project-I don’t like what your selling…

End! Fat! Culture! NOW!

It is your duty as a human to stop obesity…..

Remember, you yourself, even if you are lean and healthy MUST step up to the collective guilt of the human obesity epidemic, for are you not a human?

It does not matter that you are lean or even if you are not, that is not the point, this is much bigger than the individual you–we are talking about the human race here.

Remember, 60% of Americans are overweight-that’s 6 in 10 boys and girls. 6 in 10, look to the soldier on your right, look to the soldier on your left. One of you will make it through this conflict okay, one will be wounded and one will be killed…. um, er lost track a little bit. I guess for this discussion, one of you will be lean (or possibly underweight,) one will be overweight and one will be obese…. 1 in 4, uh, I mean 6 in 10 remember that number-it’ll go good on billboards…

Humans can end Fat Culture!

As Humans We Must End Fat Culture!

End Fat Culture Now!

But remember to go to the Food Walk!

Support your oppressed, marginalized sisters and brothers at the Food Walk.

Remember food is good, ah, yes, it is empowering to eat six cheeseburgers and then do no exercise!

There is no correlation between being overweight and the number of calories you don’t burn. Anyone who tells you different is a misogynist! A hateful, bigoted, small d*cked misogynist still living in their mom’s basement who works out 7 times a week and eats only vegetables–a verifiable Nice Guy ™ 😉

Remember it is up to YOU as a human to end Fat Culture. It doesn’t matter that most acts of Fat Culture go on behind closed doors-You Must Accept Collective Guilt for this! To do otherwise is to be a Fat Apologist. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never fatted anyone or the idea of fatting someone makes you sick to your stomach–you are MORE EVIL than those who have fatted others behind closed doors because you have Questioned the ideology and dogma ™ .


maybe by now you noticed a few jumps in logic, a little bit of lingo that sounds good but doesn’t mean much…..

maybe if you’ve been around the gendersphere a little bit, you “got” the parody….

and, yeah, if you have a little bit of a junk food addiction, I’m with you….

there really are some bad things happening when the government subsidizes corn and then you’ve got high fruitcose corn syrup in everything….

aw schucks, writing this made me tired and I’m gonna go to the drivethrough for a chocolate milkshake….

…more social awkwardness–it’s rude to text….

Well, for the record, I don’t know if this little train wreck counts as a “date” or not….

So, my friend gave me a call. He met a lady at the beach. She invited him to see some live music at a park. She said some of her friends would be there. He asked if I’d like to go. Anyways, I felt a little apprehensive. I thought this was gonna be like those after work social events where everyone is on their best behavior and no one is having fun.

I get there, my friend introduces me to everyone. I guess the word would be blasse, as the ladies barely acknowledge me… It’s in a park so you kind of have to sit on the grass or stand. So I sit down. Every time I look back the girls are texting. Anyways, at this point I’m feeling unwelcome. My friend grabs a juggling ball and tosses it at me. The one lady who invited us to the event says, “Don’t toss those, they’re expensive.”

I ask, “Which ones can I toss?”

She points at a beanie ball and I toss it right back at my friend. Anyways, the ladies are still texting. I really get the feeling they don’t want me around. So, my friend borrows a frisbee from a kid and we begin tossing it around. A few random people kind of get involved in our little game and thus far this is the only friendliness that has been extended to me this evening. Anyways, the game winds down.

I suggest to my friend that we take a walk. He agrees. I’m thinking I want to get out of here. He sends a quick text to “his girl” and she replies “Okay.” We walk past some cool looking bars and restaurants. I ask, “Was everyone so unfriendly or is it me?”

He says they were texting the whole evening before I got there. He said that he didn’t really feel welcome either. He said that they might’ve been shy and have poor social skills.

I told him, I “get” shyness, I also “get” bad social skills, but texting and not even acknowledging someone is a little different, it’s straight up rude. I told him I didn’t plan on going back to the event as I didn’t feel welcome. “They don’t have an obligation to make me feel welcome, and I don’t have an obligation to stay.” I told him I was going to my gym that’s nearby. He could join me and I could probably get him a free pass or I could drive him back to the park as my vehicle was parked a few streets away. He opted to go to the gym.

He fired off a quick text that he was joining me at the gym. He got a text back that the concert was ending. I guess there wasn’t gonna be an after party, not that I woulda been welcome if there was. We got a good workout in. I usually work out by myself and I know this has been holding me back. He showed me a few things with foam rollers and kettle bells that I haven’t tried before.

Well, of course the evening later led us to a greasy burger joint. What better way to reward yourself for a good workout and undo most of your labors, right? I mentioned that bailing felt like the right thing to do, but dang, it seemed rude that they were texting the whole time. We discussed how culturally everyone seems absorbed in their phones these days. He went back to the whole poor social skills/shyness thing. And then I mentioned, “Well, she has a professional job and you said she had traveled-she can obviously function as an adult but chose not to this evening.”

We both agreed they were behaving like 13 year olds. I also explained how I’m past pursuing women in my personal life. I realize as a male I’ll have to probably initiate and such, however, a woman who is interested has to reciprocate interest at some point. It’s not equitable to expect me to do it all and to the feminists and every one else talks about equality-fair is only fair. Again, think of it this way, a teacher has an obligation to teach a student. However, the student also has an obligation to learn-that is take the time to study, show up to class. One sided propositions don’t work.

What where we supposed to do? Say 67 different things until we “cracked the code” and they thought we were witty enough/worthy enough to put down the phone? You do see the risk in that, in trying to “say the right thing” there is an equal risk in saying something that is meant to be edgy humor that could be offensive to one of them. A system where men are supposed to always pursue women putts men in the disadvantaged position. If “things go wrong” it is the pursuers fault-always. (And yes, I’m also aware of the possibility that none of the ladies were attracted to either of us in any way or even interested in a friendly conversation.)

I know allot of guys would’ve said that walking off was a dick move and that we should’ve sucked it up and tolerated their rudeness. We should’ve waited until the concert was over then offered to treat them to drinks at a bar or a meal. We should’ve stuck around like lonely puppy dogs waiting for a kernel of affection. Well, that’s not a game I’ll play at this point in my life. I explained to him that this is a losing proposition. He thought about it for a minute and then agreed.

We walked along a street with some dive bars and restaurants. We popped our head in one where a latinesque band was shredding on acoustic guitars and a bucket as drums. Walked into another with a locals-only vibe where people were playing pool and ping pong. Finally we stepped into the seediest joint of the night-a place that could’ve been the set to a scene in Sin City. An out of tune and out of time rock band was spitting it out loudly. My friend covered his ears. I wryly stated “I always bring protection” as I grabbed some earplugs from my pocket. He seemed uncomfortable so we left after a few minutes. He mentioned that I seemed most comfortable in that place of all the places we were that evening. I replied with a “Hell yeah.” I drove him back to his car and we went our separate ways.

Strangely enough, this lonely guy’s night out did end with a kiss. As I was entering my building a drunk but attractive lady asked if I could let her in as she misplaced her key. I obliged and she planted a kiss on my cheek.

a list of Human Rights for Males….

Note: this is just a public rough draft of some ideas I’m trying to get together and in no means complete. As always comments appreciated…..

1.) You do not owe it to the world to raise another man’s child. If a women is deceitful about paternity, in an ideal world, you would face NO OBLIGATION. If a feminist tries to tell you otherwise, just say that you aren’t fighting for the right to murder a fetus, only to walk away. That is a big part of their movement, but many such as Hugo Schwyzer see most males as sub-human pack animals whose only purpose is to do for others….

2.) You do not owe it to the world to risk your life for a stranger. If you see a woman attacked in an alleyway, you are no less of a man if you retreat and call law enforcement then if you try some Bruce Lee tactics that may well get you killed. If you see a woman drowning in a river, you are no less of a man if you throw a life preserver and call the proper authorities than if you jump into the rapids that you are unable to navigate out of some form of chivalry. (I have seen this in real life and the rescuing man nearly died.)

3.) You do not owe it to your country to die in a war that you did not start and may not personally endorse. The draft was one of the gravest human rights violations in the 20th century and Selective Service is a ghastly relic of this indentured servitude.

4.) You have the right to lead the life that will make you happy. If MGTOW is your best option you should pursue that without shame. Also, if you want to pursue traditional marriage, you should be free to also pursue this without shame. You do not owe your parents grandchildren. Neither do you owe it to your race or nation–decline birthrates are not your obligation. It is entirely your choice to participate or not in the so-called “sexual marketplace.” Your intrinsic value is not tied to this.

…more to come…

The Economics of Employment Translated to Manospherian….

Well, there’s a link at GL Piggy saying that if employers gave employees less hours there’d be more employment to go around and less people sitting around unemployed….

I’m not trained in economics but I think I understand the concepts presented well enough to translate to Manospherian….

Due to Employer Hypergamy ™, Alpha Employees ™ get way more paychecks than anyone could handle. Beta Employees ™ tend to whine their way into some decent employment and constantly brown nose their bosses to keep such employment but face many long unemployed dry spells. Omega Employees ™ are stuck with contract work, commission only and part-tme work to survive. In fact just as blogger Advocatus Diaboli pays for it in others areas of his life, many Omega Employee’s ™ will pay headhunters just to get some….