Money $hots….

–trigger warnings for crass descriptions of baby batter going to splatter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Well, I went to over to fatuous Manboobz to see whom he decided to pick on this week…

He decided to pick on John the Other…

Long story short, if this is an actual quote, John the Other is mirroring something everyone’s favorite Male Feminist Extraodinaire ™, Hugo Schwyzer said in a Jizzabelle article (misspelling intentional for cheapo laugh 😉 ) It was basically the idea that men like to shoot their loads on women’s faces because they secretly want women to see their sexuality as clean. Yeah, if that left you thinking WTF, join the club….

So far, none of the erudite commenters–(Insert Flashing Sarcasm Button here)– saw the great opportunity that I saw. If sperm to the face IS NOT degrading as both Skeezer and JtO proclaim and they are both progressive guys, well maybe, just maybe this is a golden opportunity for both to put their money where their mouths are. (Did I just make a pun or was it a double entendre?) They could create a bridge between feminism and the MRM. How could they do this you may ask–by shooting off in each other’s faces. By showing the world their lack of homophobia and their dedication towards gender equality. For if they truly believe that this isn’t degrading for a woman and if they truly believe that what isn’t degrading for one gender isn’t degrading for the other, then a priori, a posteriori-they could do this mano a mano without degrading each other.

I suppose there may be logistical problems of a technical nature. They are both middle aged and, ah, yeah, I’ve been told old dudes sometimes have boner problems. Well, I’ve been told that there are fluffers on pro porn sets to take care of such matters. These are people who orally please the male performers before their big scene so there is no Mr. Softie when walking onto the camera. I think I know where volunteers could be found. Just track down the neo nazi’s who used to post at Inmalafide. Yeah, I saw American History X and I’m sure you’ve got a whole legion of Angry Racist White Guys ™ who want to recreate that sicko shower scene on a daily basis. Well, for now, they’ll have to settle for fluffing Hugo and John.

If this becomes a big event and you are able to attend, I would not recommend eating any food served with mayonaise-who knows what those jokers might decide to use as a “low calorie substitute.”

2 thoughts on “Money $hots….

  1. Honestly, I’ve been making the rounds in the “manosphere” lately from the linkage is good for you and your blog has to be one of the funniest blogs linked to on there… ever. This made me actually laugh out loud.

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