a list of Human Rights for Males….

Note: this is just a public rough draft of some ideas I’m trying to get together and in no means complete. As always comments appreciated…..

1.) You do not owe it to the world to raise another man’s child. If a women is deceitful about paternity, in an ideal world, you would face NO OBLIGATION. If a feminist tries to tell you otherwise, just say that you aren’t fighting for the right to murder a fetus, only to walk away. That is a big part of their movement, but many such as Hugo Schwyzer see most males as sub-human pack animals whose only purpose is to do for others….

2.) You do not owe it to the world to risk your life for a stranger. If you see a woman attacked in an alleyway, you are no less of a man if you retreat and call law enforcement then if you try some Bruce Lee tactics that may well get you killed. If you see a woman drowning in a river, you are no less of a man if you throw a life preserver and call the proper authorities than if you jump into the rapids that you are unable to navigate out of some form of chivalry. (I have seen this in real life and the rescuing man nearly died.)

3.) You do not owe it to your country to die in a war that you did not start and may not personally endorse. The draft was one of the gravest human rights violations in the 20th century and Selective Service is a ghastly relic of this indentured servitude.

4.) You have the right to lead the life that will make you happy. If MGTOW is your best option you should pursue that without shame. Also, if you want to pursue traditional marriage, you should be free to also pursue this without shame. You do not owe your parents grandchildren. Neither do you owe it to your race or nation–decline birthrates are not your obligation. It is entirely your choice to participate or not in the so-called “sexual marketplace.” Your intrinsic value is not tied to this.

…more to come…

8 thoughts on “a list of Human Rights for Males….

  1. These are good. this is how i would break these out:

    You do not exist for other people’s purposes.

    Parenting: You have the same right as any one else to raise your own children. You have no more obligation than anyone else does to raise other people’s children. You and you alone can say who is and is not your child, and who you will raise.

    You are not someone else’s beast of burden. You owe no one any kind of economic support other than children you are raisng. You do not have to marry just so some woman will have someone to support. You do not have too take on parenting someone else’s kids just because they need a daddy. you do not have to do the dirty, dangerous, difficult work that makes society possible just to be considered worthy of holding yor gender.

    You and no one else defines what your gender is. No one else, and least of all a woman, gets to decide if you are a “Real Man”.

    Your life is as valuable as anyone else’s. You have no obligation to risk your life for anyone else, and no one can condemn you for your decision, especially someone who is not taking an equal risk.

  2. I don’t know how you would phrase this, but something about how you don’t owe it to anybody to be “ambitious.” You are not any less of a man because you work for minimum wage

  3. The make up of your body has absolutely no bearing on how seriously a crime against you should be taken. The fact that you have a penis does not mean you can’t be raped. The fact that you identify as male and/or as a man does not mean that you cannot be abused or that you somehow “deserved it”. The fact that you are male does not negate reasonable doubt, presumption of innocence, or the right to fair treatment when accused of a crime. The fact that you are male is not a designation that you are a threat to anyone.

  4. I’m unsure how to phrase it to match the style here but I’d like something on the notion that men can be empathetic, nurturing, and capable parents (and care givers). There’s still this idea that men around children are predators…or simply morons.

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