End! Fat! Culture! NOW!

It is your duty as a human to stop obesity…..

Remember, you yourself, even if you are lean and healthy MUST step up to the collective guilt of the human obesity epidemic, for are you not a human?

It does not matter that you are lean or even if you are not, that is not the point, this is much bigger than the individual you–we are talking about the human race here.

Remember, 60% of Americans are overweight-that’s 6 in 10 boys and girls. 6 in 10, look to the soldier on your right, look to the soldier on your left. One of you will make it through this conflict okay, one will be wounded and one will be killed…. um, er lost track a little bit. I guess for this discussion, one of you will be lean (or possibly underweight,) one will be overweight and one will be obese…. 1 in 4, uh, I mean 6 in 10 remember that number-it’ll go good on billboards…

Humans can end Fat Culture!

As Humans We Must End Fat Culture!

End Fat Culture Now!

But remember to go to the Food Walk!

Support your oppressed, marginalized sisters and brothers at the Food Walk.

Remember food is good, ah, yes, it is empowering to eat six cheeseburgers and then do no exercise!

There is no correlation between being overweight and the number of calories you don’t burn. Anyone who tells you different is a misogynist! A hateful, bigoted, small d*cked misogynist still living in their mom’s basement who works out 7 times a week and eats only vegetables–a verifiable Nice Guy ™ 😉

Remember it is up to YOU as a human to end Fat Culture. It doesn’t matter that most acts of Fat Culture go on behind closed doors-You Must Accept Collective Guilt for this! To do otherwise is to be a Fat Apologist. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never fatted anyone or the idea of fatting someone makes you sick to your stomach–you are MORE EVIL than those who have fatted others behind closed doors because you have Questioned the ideology and dogma ™ .


maybe by now you noticed a few jumps in logic, a little bit of lingo that sounds good but doesn’t mean much…..

maybe if you’ve been around the gendersphere a little bit, you “got” the parody….

and, yeah, if you have a little bit of a junk food addiction, I’m with you….

there really are some bad things happening when the government subsidizes corn and then you’ve got high fruitcose corn syrup in everything….

aw schucks, writing this made me tired and I’m gonna go to the drivethrough for a chocolate milkshake….

2 thoughts on “End! Fat! Culture! NOW!

  1. Personally I hate fat people. I work out, eat healthy, and am constantly working to maintain a well chiseled body. There is no excuse for fatness, only lazy people are fat.

    They are gross.

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