oh, crap, I think I found the new Inmalafide….

It’s a shitty place where xy chromosome hating feminists tell guys how to get laid whilst conveniently ignoring that men are expected to be the initiators…

Oh, yeah, they got a neo nazi sympathizer, um, someone who “rubs elbows” with the white nationalists…. hahaha, maybe he rubs a little more than elbows when his white power boi’s recreate that brutal shower scene from American History X.

At least with the real Inmalafide, you could tell people what you really thought of them, four letter words and all without worrying about the pissy editors censoring your comments….

Well, I might check back as I’ve heard Mr. Manboobz is going to write an article on exercise and diet –Insert Flashing Sarcasm Button Here–

Anyways, thanks but no thanks Good Man Project-I don’t like what your selling…

One thought on “oh, crap, I think I found the new Inmalafide….

  1. GMP is an interesting enviroment. I’ve seen that feminists complain because it’s too male friendly and MRAs complain because it’s too female friendly. Weird.

    But to the devil with that Marcotte article you linked to. I’m very much glad that she is no longer contributing there (hell I’d rather Schwyzer come back than her).

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